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ROV NEWS: More info on Launch of Subsea UK

Posted on 20.12.2003 - 07:37 EST in ONSHORE NEWS by admin

Subsea UK, a joint project between Scottish Enterprise, the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) and the energy industry was launched today at the Offshore Europe conference in Aberdeen.

It will provide a single point of focus for the UK subsea industry and a channel...

for ensuring collaboration between government, agencies and the industry.

Key benefits of Subsea UK will include co-ordinated marketing of the UK industry world-wide including a possible international 'Yellow Pages' of UK capability, and a national forum for commercial networking.

Deputy Enterprise Minister Lewis Macdonald said:

"The importance of the subsea sector to the economy of the UK, and North East of Scotland particularly is without question. It represents a £31.5 billion UK market, providing direct employment for 10,000 people.

"Subsea UK will be business focused because it is the industry itself that has identified how the future growth and expansion of the subsea sector can best be supported.

"Future success, in an increasingly competitive environment, will depend on: a major drive to capture foreign markets; a concentration of effort on commercialising technology; steps to diversify business activities; and, closer government, agency and industry collaboration.

"Subsea UK will enhance business prospects, and ensure a vibrant future for the UK industry."

Later, Mr Macdonald saw for himself work being done to train and develop the energy workers of the future when he attended the Upstream Oil and Gas Industry Technician Training Programme award ceremony.

The programme, launched by PILOT last year, consists of two phases: a fully expensed 18 month off-the-job phase leading to an HNC, and a 24 month on-the-job phase in the sponsors' facilities leading to a level 3 VQ.

Mr Macdonald, who presented the awards, said:

"This training scheme is a good example of cross company co-operation - as well as Sector Skills Councils working with their industries to overcome potential skills shortages.

"The energy sector offers a wide range of job opportunities, both now and in the future. Students and school leavers should be confident that a career in the energy sector is a worthwhile and successful one to pursue.

"Those young people that I have met today have an excellent future ahead of them in the energy sector, and I would urge more young people to consider following them and pursuing such a career."

Colin McDonald, who won the 2003 Lead Trainee Prize Award, echoed the Minister's sentiments, saying:

"I applied as an Off-shore Mechanical Technician because I saw this as an excellent opportunity to qualify for a specific job within the oil industry.

"The scheme covers both theoretical and practical off-the-job training and site-based training, and I particularly enjoy the 'hands-on' approach. The scheme offers a great opportunity for up and coming young engineers."

Source: Scottish Executive
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