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Hello all...

I have an unused but partially-assembled Blue ROV2 kit available for sale, and was advised by someone in the Blue ROV community to list these items in this forum. I purchased this kit about 3 months ago, and was intending to use it as a test platform for some software development work I was planning to do. However since that time I''ve taken a partner in my little software development/technology company, and given their skillset we believe that our time and energy would be better-directed in another direction. Therefore I would like to sell this kit. Although the chassis is assembled, I have never made any of the electronics connections--so the chassis can be easily disassembled for shipping, in about 10-15 minutes.

I ordered the basic kit from Blue ROV, but then added several upgrades and additional items. Asking price is $5000 US, which includes:

1) standard kit with the heavy configuration kit upgrade (8 motors)
2) 150m tether upgrade
3) Two BlueROV batteries (standard comes with 1, I added a second)
4) BlueROV battery charger
5) Spares kit, which also includes an extra thruster motor
6) 18-hole end-cap upgrade, in addition to the stock 11-hole end cap that comes with the standard kit
7) 4-LED kit upgrade (comes with 2 as standard)

I am open to discussing price and shipping terms. I will provide my contact information upon request, and can easily send pictures and offer a live video inspection of the kit components.

NOTE: The kit is located in the US.

Thank you for reading this listing.


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