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It''s an investment platform with small start up capital, and has been paying* members more than 7yrs ago,you can confirm it,
We only invest by buying shares and we earn dividend daily profit on d shares we buy, the shares we buy don''t expire or lapse, u earn on it for life unless u decided to sell ur shares and get money,
Minimum share to buy is 3$ and minimum withdrawal is 8$
Referal is not compulsory, the most advisable payment methods to use is bitcoin, u buy shares with bitcoin, u can use blockchain or Coinbase or paxful, then buy ur bitcoin and u are good to go, we don''t buy shares anyhow, we checked d ones with good profit before buying any shares*

For example

If u buy 10shares now @3$ per share and u are earning 0.07 each share now look at the calculation

Then 0.7*30days = 21$
Then 21$*360 = 7,560

Let''s see another calculation ????????????????????????????????????????
And if u decide to buy 20 shares
0.07*20= 1.4
1.4 *30days =42$ which is 15,120 in naira

Very simple


?Buying Shares:
Different shares offers different dividend so it''s advisable to always go for shares that offers high dividend.
The more shares you own the higher your profit on a daily basis.

For instance, let''s say a shares offers $0.07 per day. You bought 20 of the shares.
$0.07*20=$1.4 per day
In a month $1.4 *30= $42(#14,700).

?Selling Shares:
There are shares tagged A+ shares. These kinds of shares have a good growth rate. They price worth increases in a short span. Their growth is always on the increase.
Let''s say you bought a share at a price of $4 and it increases within two weeks to $12. You decide to sell off the shares. You will make a profit of $8 on the shares.
The larger you own the more your profit margin.

?Referral Commission:
You can earn big by referring people to purchase shares. You get huge 50% commission per referral purchase.

For example you refer someone and the person bought a share worth $100, you as the referrer earn a commission of $50.
Note: Referral is highly optional. Not compulsory at all

Registration link

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