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Hi everybody,

I am working in a structure that will be installed on 3000 meters depth. This structure has a subsea cable (15 meters) and this cable should be recovered together with the structure after some time. I use this cable to connect my system to the christmas tree.

What can I create in my frame to be able to re-attach the subsea cable (about 15 meters) to it via ROV?

Sorry guys, my english is not good, if you do not understand something, please tell me and I will try to explain better.

Thank you!

what is the cable doing is it just load bearing or does it carry electrical or hydraulics .. if so for recovery it could be moved using an ROV and there are various arrangements that could be used , or you could make the cable detachable at both end but the cost of fittings and hot stabs might be too much , also you will need to attach lift gear for the structures recovery any way ...

where are you based ???
Hi liddelljohn

Thank you for your reply

This cable is used for an electrical connection between my system and the subsea tree. I am using a dry connector at one end (it will be connected in my system) and at the other the wet connector that will be attached to the subsea tree. My question is: How do I return this cable to my frame so it can take it back to the surface? I will use ROV to do that, but I don''t know what I need to do for the ROV to be able to put 15 meters of cable back into the frame again..

I am from Brazil.
you wil lneed an rov with good manipulators ,, capable of handling the weight of the cable and delicate enough to do the work ,, probably schilling 7 function

a basket of storagebox attached to your structure to place the cable in after use for recovery would probably be easiest option the cable and connectors coiled into the storage .
Okay, thank you for your help, I''ll try this.

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