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Based in the UK I have been offered various jobs in Norway for the season. Both UK and foreign agencies. I know it has bee discussed before, but just wondering if all is the same regarding tax or if something has changed recently. Last time I worked in Norway was 5 years ago.

I have been studying the Norwegian tax mans rules and that just made me more confused! Obviously, everyone has to pay tax for work in Norway and I''m trying to decide if I should go through my Limited company or as a PAYE. If I use my own Limited company, will the agency, UK or foreign pay me gross and my limited company sort out the Noggy tax, or will they most probably deduct tax at source? I also read on the tax website of Norway about companies that send personnel to Norway has to complete what they refer to as an \"A-Melding\". It appears to be some kind of report that has to be submitted every month detailing your pay, tax, deductions, etc. Anyone seen this one before? Or is the agency responsible for these reports to Norway? For me it seems like my limited company should be liable for all the reporting as my employment is with my company and not with the agency. I''m lost here.

Or should I simply just go as a PAYE and let the agency sort all this out? Is it too much job with a limited company?

You can no longer use UK Ltd company in Norway so its either PAYE or Umbrella unless you want the hassle of having a Noggy Ltd company.

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