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First off hello ROV Pilots / Techs and those in between.
Been scouring this forum a bit trying to update myself about the current state of affairs regarding the offshore industry and ROV part of it.
Simply put is there any point anno 2018 to dish out any sum of money for either ROV training or training into the offshore world work wise.
Most courses are quite expensive ROV or not ROV related meaning if the end story is you have no work within say 6-8 months i don''t see the worth.

Trying to decide if its worth re-educating myself in any offshore field.
Background wise its wide and varied,
Studie wise 4 years digital design, 1 year 3d modeling/animation (Autodesk 3ds max- as close to autocad as it gets), 1 year of physics at Uni.
Work wise 6 years diving (tourism as dive guide and tech dive guide [rebreathers]) with 2 years as dive technician Coltri-sub, apeks,mares ect.
Worked mid Atlantic ocean and speak 4 languages.

In my case i have a lot of catching up on the electrical part, the mechanical part wont be such an issue.

Most posts regarding a lack of work and no point in retraining or getting into it seem 2015-2016, so whats the state of affairs anno 2018?
Is there any point to start retraining in any way?

-Sorry if this has been asked before, if it has i couldnt find it Embarassed
Welcome to CasparG

Regarding your questions on Rov Training every thing you are asking has been asked hundreds if not thousands of times before all you need to do is look on this site and go to \" ROV ROOKIE CORNER \"

But Rov training is not mandatory if you have experience on Hydraulics or Electronics or your Ex Service personnel your find most main line Rov operator will hire you and put you through one of its own in house rov training programs .
As well as this training your need to do your basic Survival course and medicals on top of these certs your find many others that clients might require .

Which brings me to work yes things are allot better now than a few years ago but there are still thousands of experienced people reading this topic right now who still have not worked for over a year plus .There has been a few more requirements this year but nothing like 10 years ago . Rates are still low but getting better if the price of oil goes up rates and requirements go up but the key factor these days is cost so companys are hiring few personnel and more locals .

Good Luck

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