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I want to buy a banner add on ROVworld, I sent emails but no response. Is it possible that the new site is not sending the mails from the advertising section?

I want to advertise for an ROV training program ASAP.

Can anyone let me know if this is a possibility. I notice one of your banner is still advertising for an event that already passed...

Let me know.

Hi Etienne

I am sure one of the current sysops of this site will let you know how you can post your ad for your training course , However I do not understand why you want to offer a Rov training course since as I am sure you are well aware of there are very few rov personnel requirements due to the current recession .

Even before the recession there was very few trainee requirements , Just go back a few years on this forum and your see what I mean . People spending very large amounts of money for a course and 2 year on still looking for employment .
Unless you can guarantee employment after the course I see very little point , Until things start picking up again but even then your have thousands of experienced guys available.

If you want to start up a training school why not look into UAVs as more + more clients are looking at cutting cost and using a UAV for surface inspection project and not a full size inspection crew .
Hi Raptor,

I am an operator, I have no intentions in starting a school.

It is a training program done in parallel with a system refit.

The reason why I can take the time to teach it is because the industry is slow.

This will be a 3 month training/apprenticeship at my own company Delta ROV.

In the end, the students will leave with 3 month experience and all the certs to get hired internationally...

Hi Chewy

Thanks for the reply and fully understand but the people doing your course are still going to pay you money for this 3 month training/apprenticeship or are you going to pay them since there working for you . In the end money will change hands at some point .

But once they have done your 3 month apprenticeship then what ? Most of the people reading this topic have 5 - 10 - 20 years experience + and I know many who have not worked in over the past 12 months . As for the people doing your apprenticeship sorry but I think they are just going to join the thousands of other Rov guys waiting for the the price of oil to rise again .

At the moment I cannot see any reason to do a Rov apprenticeship for a industry that is dead and will be dead until the price of oil goes up again or am I missing some thing ?
Hello Raptor,

I can get local guys out here for 10$ a day that would be as useful as a trainee. Only I would not teach them but use them for my own benefit getting the refit done a lost faster, at a lower cost, without wasting my time preparing the lessons and teaching... (or any other employee's)

In fact, if I cannot get at least 3 students, it is not worth the complications..

Its not like students will be doing my refit for me, they are not qualified... They will learn, they will pay.

To give an example:"Today we will be doing a load test on the reterm we did in the shop."
- IMCA Guidance, Rules, Standards and legislation
- Equipment used and certifications
- Load test procedure
- Paperwork and Safety
- Examples and Q/A
- Paperwork
- Prepare the job
- Perform load test
- Generate report
- Complete portfolio and evidence
- Q&A

Every aspect of training will be treated like the above where possible.

The amount of useful knowledge they will gain over 3 month will far exceed any traditional ROV training course. In the end they will leave with all the certs to get hired and 3 month exp with an ROV company.

Which would you rather hire? Someone that has a 3-7 weeks ROV course or someone who was trained with an operator, has all the certs and 3 month exp?

I was personnel manager a few years back, I hired A LOT of guys of all grades. When I saw a CV from someone that ONLY had an ROV course, it would go straight to the bin.

I am sure you remember when you first started people would not let you do anything important. Getting an employee and getting him to chip and paint is one thing. Getting students to come and learn using a refit as a way to get hands on experience to complement the things they learned in a classroom is another.

The refit will take a lot longer doing it this way and the students will learn from ROV guys that are experienced and inclined to teach instead of telling them to go get tea and pass them some tools...

The chief complaint from everyone I've met over the years that did ROV training is that they have had very little exposure to the ROV and their instructor had very little ROV exp... Its more like they get an introduction than training. Students that leave my program will know the Mohican inside out, understand paperwork, learn from exp ROV guys... Basically learn how to do their job at PT2 level...

I fully understand the times are hard, I also have many friends that have not worked offshore for a very long time. But this is not going to stop people from doing ROV trainning. Most schools are still doing well.

If someone is willing to go spend money on training, I think they would choose well to come and get trained at Delta ROV.

With regards to the lack of ROV opportunities, the fact that a lot of very experience guys have no work has no bearing in the way that they are not in direct competition.

One of the reasons companies hire trainee techs is because they are cheaper and yield a better profit. Personally, I like to put a trainee with 2 strong experienced guys. (If the client allows)

I also do not hire experienced personnel and pay them trainee rates as 1, it is not right, 2, they would never stay or be happy, 3, a trainee will be happy and more productive at this rate and finally I will get to groom the new hand to operate my way instead of trying to reform someone who "used to do it in this way or that way with his previous company"...

There is still a good place for trainees in this industry. I am sure other companies would agree.

I have thought long and hard about it including the points you've mentioned so far before I decided to offer this. Although the economy is not favorable to get hired, this is a rare opportunity to be trained by offshore guys on a real project for the simple reason that we have time. This might be the only training program we offer and I'll get to put some offshore guys to work...

I'll have an FAQ section that will address all these points and more so that potential candidates can make an educated decision. That remains entirely up to them.

Thanks for your input.

Thanks Chewy

Sorry but I still do not understand why your doing a Rov Apprenticeship where there is no requirement and there will be no requirement for years or until maybe 2018
What are your guys going to do after there 3 months ? Apprenticeship ? You may call it what you will Apprenticeship or a training course but at the end of there 3 months training when they start apply for work there going to find nothing unless you know some thing that the rest of dont know .

I would love to hear from all the other members of this forum who have not worked for the past year and hear what they have to say , If you want to train people for a job there is a requirement for then UAVs is the way to go but Rov work is going to take a very long time to recover again .

I only hope the would be rov guys people reading this will take note and train for some other active trade and not Rov .

I wont waste any more time on this topic as its very clear its going no where fast .
Hi Raptor,

You're the one who questioned my reasoning. I didn't ask for you to "waste your time" or bring this "off topic". But being that this is a public forum, I need to ensure I address any interjections that are pointed out against a service I intend to offer.

I am just trying to put offshore professionals to work by coming out to teach and being that everyone seems to complain that the usual ROV training instructor is not very experienced or knowledgeable, this is a way to address both issues.

This is the time to think outside the box and find new business opportunities. This one just happens to "fit in" at this time.

I would also rather hire someone who trained with us than a PT2/PT1 I don't know.

Chewy wrote:
I want to buy a banner add on ROVworld, I sent emails but no response. Is it possible that the new site is not sending the mails from the advertising section?

Hey Etienne!

From the technical side it works fine. I tested it with a another mail-adress and I got it. But I don't have access to the used admin mail-adress of this website. I will inform Amanda, maybe she can sorted for you.

Edit: We tested it and it works, maybe something was failed while using the forms. Try it again or use this adress:

Cheers Cool
OK thanks, I'll try both methods.
Hi Chewy

As a Rov operator are you a IMCA member ?
Hello Subman, why do you ask?
Hi Chewy

For your apprentices certs to be recognized in the industry the Company or Academy needs to be a fully paid up member of IMCA . All the requirements are on the IMCA web site in PDF format or you can have a chat with he will confirm this .

Other wise the whole thing is wide open to misuse .
subman wrote:
Hi Chewy

For your apprentices certs to be recognized in the industry the Company or Academy needs to be a fully paid up member of IMCA . All the requirements are on the IMCA web site in PDF format or you can have a chat with he will confirm this .

Other wise the whole thing is wide open to misuse .

Not sure that is true.

IMCA have produced competency guidelines. IMCA do not certify or endorse any certification or training company.

People, anyone, are free to train and assess people to these competencies. This does not make them certified or trained by IMCA, at best they have been assessed based on IMCA competencies. For Chewy to train anyone, his piece of paper he produces has the same weight as one produced by any other training company in the world. As long as they do not say they are certified ROV Pilots, as there is no such certification in the world.

It is worth whatever any employer wishes to think it is worth in their opinion. The company I worked for were full IMCA members, none of their training or competencies met IMCA standards.

I understand where he is coming from, would you accept the training given by a training school that only has classrooms and basic equipment (if at all) or by a company that actually owns and operated ROV equipment and trains you using actual live ROVs?

However, I also agree that while it may be good for the company to use their facilities while times are lean, I would not encourage people to pay out money to do it on the vague hope that the industry might pick up and this might get them a job.

If anyone wants to do training for the future, I would suggest technical skills that can be used in other industries (hydraulics, high voltage, electronics fibre optics). An ROV training course is only applicable for a job in ROVs, fibre optics can be used in ROV and many industries, for example.
Thanks Ray

I fully agree with you Ray regarding any Rov course or apprenticeship , IMCA do not certify or endorse any certification or training company. I think a few weeks back on this forum Chris Baldwin did state this however I think only IMCA members can carry out competence assessments other wise any body could do it , When the person has finished there apprenticeship / training course he will be assessed and graded , All this can be found on the IMCA web site under " Who can do Rov assessments "

IMCA lay down the set standards other wise it would be a total free for all . In fact what would be the point of joining IMCA if you look at most of the schools and academy's there all IMCA members .

I think anybody starting to train others should be audited on there training standards which in this case is IMCA which is why I think Chewy should contact IMCA to clarify .Its all down to the client but with the current recession its not going to matter that much plus if MTCS has there way if you have not worked for over a year at your current grade you need to be re-assessed which is £350 or to be assessed by a current or past employer who is a IMCA member .

Good luck Chewy with your new venture but I think you should contact Chris Baldwin at IMCA to clarify the requirements.
Hi guys,

I don't understand why my previous response was not posted.

We use MTCS for portfolio.

I have contacted Mr Baldwin along with Mr Hough which I have met when I was on the work group for IMCA S 008 Rev. 1

I am awaiting their response and will update accordingly.

Many thanks for the feedback.


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