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Hi guys,

Just a quick question regarding Norwegian tax.

I spent a period working offshore Norway and during this time paid a little bit of UK tax and a serious amount of Norwegian. Norwegian authorities came back about 12 months later and said I underpaid so I stumped up again.

Now about 2 years later the UK authorities are chasing em saying I haven't paid enough tax on earnings during that tax year. (They only have me recorded as paying the minimal UK rate and are not taking into consideration what I've already paid to the Norwegians).

I was lead to believe there is a reciprocal agreement between the two countries? I.e because I paid tax on those earnings to Norway I am not liable to pay tax again to the UK HMRC. Is this correct? Or am I wrong do I have to pay tax twice?

It's just the early stages of arguing with them and it might yet come to me seeking advice from an expert, however, any advice welcome on here. I have spoken to the Norwegian authorities and they are going to send a break down of what I have paid. Hopefully this will suffice HMRC.

My understanding is if you are like to pay Norwegian tax, you pay their tax. You do not pay both uk and Norwegian tax for the same day, it's one or the other.
After the job , There is a form that you submit from the HMRC which you have to send to the Norwegian tax office within a certain period stating that you have paid the UK tax in Full.
The Norwegian tax office have to by law send you a break down of the taxes paid to their office which you then send to the Uk Tax office.
I fail to see how you got around NOT paying the UK tax or just 'A liitle bit' as the payroll is submitted by the accountant stating how much you have paid and deducted on the Tax returns. Either the 'Leach' ( Agency ) is not being very forthright and playing you by not declaring the Money earnt and pocketing it ( In which case SUE the Bastards ! ) or you need to get a new accountant who is Ofay with the Norwegian /UK Tax arrangement. Your Tax returns at the end of the Year will state how much you have earnt and the Taxes paid on your payslip.
Put ya brain in gear before ye open thy gob !
Thanks guys.

When I worked for said agency the pay slips detailed money that was sent to the Norwegian authorities. I wasn't paid gross or anything like that. UK NI was deducted as well.

I have managed to get the Norwegian authorities to send me a breakdown of what I earnt and paid in tax over there during the period.

HMRC have opened a case and are getting back to me. If they want to pursue things I'm pretty confident the paperwork from Norway will satisfy them.

Good news then Smile
Put ya brain in gear before ye open thy gob !

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