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Well guys it looks like IvGlobal has gone as just heard that Ivoffshore has ceased trading I understand that some of its personnel has re started up a new agency called Rubix Personnel .

Speaking to guys who are currently working via them they know nothing and have had no reply from emails sent to the office .
Who will be next ???? i think some others have already quietly died off ,,,or gone into administration....
Did everyone get paid or have they just shut the doors and left invoices outstanding?
This is not good at all (obviously)

Well as i am a contractor

I am delighted with the news above i could not be more happier they have gone down good riddance i say.
At least they were about if one was willing to work for tuppence

Rolling Eyes
Well it would seem that the Ivoffshore poor rates story continues with its x staff running the new agency Rubix Personnel ,It would seem there up to there old tricks again , Checkout the Divers Forum on face book for the full story .

When will agency's understand that with social media you can no longer get away with it . A good agency sells itself .
Hello to all,

I would like to take this opportunity to confirm that Rubix Personnel have nothing to do and NO CONNECTION with IV Offshore/Global.

The bad press has come from some rumours that we have offered rates to divers - which isn't the case. A mix up with IV? Not sure. However, I wanted to take this opportunity to confirm that we are operating totally different to IV and come from the understanding that the reputation at IV wasn't great with some, and at Rubix we hope to service both clients and candidates correctly and in the right manor - I hope from this mail you can see Rubix are wanting to deliver a good service and come across well.

I can understand that rumours and bad press can travel like wildfire and hope we can set the tone for a professional service moving forward.

Any questions, I'm happy to clarify on my new email which is

Have a good weekend.


What a load of tosh!!!!!
I've monitored this site for four years now as both a recruiter and a client.

I must say, if people put as much effort in keeping in touch with clients as they do moaning about recruiters they may actually get some work.

Clients monitor this sight regularly to keep up to speed with industry trends and availability. It's not just the recruiters that give the industry a bad name.
Milo, I'm afraid you are not telling the full truth when you say Rubix Personel has NO CONNECTION to IV Offshore.

You were the Head of Recruitment for IV Offshore. In your own LinkedIn profile you say
"Went on to create and head up IV Oil and Gas....

My role in the newly branded IV Global led to me taking full control of the Business Development and Recruitment drive of the business within the current Oil & Gas Engineering, Offshore and Marine divisions"

To most that would make you a Big Cheese at IV Offshore.

So I do not believe you can say there is NO CONNECTION.
Yes Ray your 100 % right as I have old emails from Milo when he was running there Oil & Gas department at IV Offshore .

Maybe he means his policies are not the same as when he was with IV Offshore but Rubix Personnel has only been going a few months and already there getting bad press .They must understand that you can no
longer offer these silly rates people know what the rates should be .

( Old Mail header )


Milo Williams

Head of IV Oil & Gas

IV Oil and Gas

UK Freephone: 0333 2005444 T: +44 (0)1473 283485 M: +44 (0)7951 291028



IV Energy Ltd

Neptune Marine, 27 Neptune Quay, Ipswich, Suffolk, IP4 1QJ, UK
101% Correct.

The damage has already been done by the sounds and looks of things.

Keep an Eagle eye on this lot,you can do a wee runner or jump an already sinking ship,however can not hide!!!

Should start introducing prisoner style tags on these lot pulling wool over the eyes and robbing monies off of hard working hands at sea.

Safety First - Work Second.

Rolling Eyes Rolling Eyes Rolling Eyes
Milo used to Recruit for the Diving Division maybe he forgot that part that's something the Divers are not going to forget very quickly.

There are lots of e-mails been sent out by him over his short time there for that division as well as other sectors and his roles below is just a quick list I know of just now.

Head of Deck & Marine Crew

Head of Crewing

Head of IV Oil and Gas

Business Development Manager

Head of Recruitment

Maybe they had a Position at IVGLobal which was to invent self important positions for them selves monthly as they seamed to swap titles often enough.

And just like the Divers slating there face book page its what it is tough it's well deserved I think
what goes around comes around , , and offering $580 a day for work class in China on a converted supply boat with rancid food, no internet, or phone and a non english speaking team is farcical ,,,, especially when they try to put it across as a '' superb opportunity'' NO THANKS ... I might only have done 64 days so far this year but I aint that desperate ,, actually from what i hear from otrher people I have been one of the lucky ones . especially after missing 2 booked jobs due to being ill and 3 months in hospital earlier in the year .

Had an interesting chat with some ROV guys in Pattaya today , seems a well known scamming backstabbing offshore manager /agent has rececntly totally burnt his bridges in Asia , Black listed in SG and run out of thailand and is now unemployed in UK ,

other good news is i received a $2930 .67 NOGGY TAX refund check this week , for 2012 , totally unexpected and a nice XMAS bonus ,,

hope 2017 is better ..

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