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I'm new to forums so hope i don't sound to stupid.

I was hoping you would be able to give me some advice on where to start as I really want to become an ROV Pilot and work offshore.

I'm a female electrician and I work in a city centre hospital and have done for the past 5 years, I also have mechanical experience. I'm currently studying a HNC in Electrical and Electronic Engineering.

It's not a rash decision as I have been thinking about it for a few years now but I'm finding all the info over the Internet and from speaking to people very confusing and conflicting.

I'm in a position now where I want to actively start looking for a trainee position but I'm struggling to find a starting point.

I've saved up the money to do the offshore training and I just need to book the course but I'm scared I will spend a lot of money and never find a position.

I've got myself organised and have a folder full of different company's ready to contact with my CV but I was unsure how to lay my CV out so it stands out from the rest and also I don't know whether to ring the company's or send them an email/letter.

As you can tell I'm in need or guidance.

Is there any help or advice you can offer me or could you point me in the right direction.

Very Happy
Currently is a bad time to start in the ROV business. Lots of companies are laying off personnel, plenty of experienced guys out there waiting to get busy. Would not spend any money on ROV courses.

You can keep trying sending your CV out, but don`t the get hopes high and make any decisions you might regret.

Hopefully business picks up in 2017 – depending on the oil price and the circumstances are better to start working in the ROV industry.
Keep your hospital job and comlete your HNC. In your position I would contact SMD, just down the road from you. Office and factory visits could pay dividends from one of the markets major players. You won't get offshore anytime soon but it would be an invaluable start and a good insight into offshore life and work. I am not saying you will get a job with SMD but if you are able to get a walk around their depots and factories, look at some equipment being built, see their simulators in action and generally pick the brains of their guys then this will open the world of ROVs for you. Be worth collecting contacts and networking as you never know when or who will need someone.

Good Luck.

There isn't one company that I know of that is looking to take on trainees at the moment, and I can't see that changing for the first half of next year. There have been a couple of companies looking to take on experienced guys (Snr Pilot and above) for short term contracts but that obviously wouldn't include you.

The grim fact for everyone here is that despite how comfortable a company looks at the minute there is ALWAYS a chance that it could go under, or companies they have contracts with go under. With that in mind I would do as said before. Get your HNC finished, continue with your job at the hospital and there is nothing wrong with you doing your offshore medical and survival.

Pumping your CV out to all the companies still going is something you could do anyway, without any outlay.

Good luck.
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