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Just heard this. Anyone got further details?

Just been told by another agency that they have spoken to people at UKPS and it is true, they are down and out!
One of the bigger agencies to fold - thought it would be some of the smaller ones first
But they were sold out a long time ago to Forum, the money was already made Smile

So not really a surprise, I havent seen a UKPS guy in a while offshore, Maris and Proffs seem to have a lot more.
I think when they moved up from Canterbury to Loddon that was the beginning of the end as a few years later they got sold off to F.E.T. and now days every body is cutting back due to the price of oil so there just collateral damage but it was good at Christmas times getting your Christmas Hampers that's when agency's took care of you .

But all this is nothing new and I think a few more agency's will close before this year is out .
...astounding and a great pity

Crying or Very sad

What about 'weathering a storm' or being prepared for the quiet periods?
Does anyone know who the appointed liquidators are?
Talk in anger and you'll make the best speech you'll ever regret.
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Hi guys, just to clarify, Forum is closing the UKPS business.

UKPS or Forum haven't gone in to administration, or liquidation.

We are all very sad Crying or Very sad and wish you all the best for the future.
All the best to everyone at UKPS - thanks for your help and business over the years.

Good luck
I am not able fault UKPS on anything - what a pity... none.the.less : good Luck Exclamation

sad day for the staff at UKPS .
Best Wishes former UKPS employees, they gave me my start.

When it came time to negotiate my day rate:
UKPS- "how much?"
I replied- "xxx.00"
UKPS- "US dollars?"
I replied- "no, GBP."
UKPS-silence for 05 seconds then "but you're not British."
Me- "so what? I am doing the job same as them I will be paid the same"
UKPS 02.5 seconds later "ok".

Lesson Learned.
They still owe me expense money !!!

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