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Just a word of warning chaps and chapesses, be careful what you say on public platforms such as here, Facebook etc.

One of our supervisors, a very well experienced and greatly respected supervisors and a bit of an outburst on Facebook when he turned up at the airport to find his flight had been cancelled by the company and they hadn't told him. He's a straight talking guy and said it how it was. Some coward did a screenshot and gave it to management who fired him immediately for gross misconduct. The only gross misconduct in my opinion was the person who cancelled the flights and didn't tell him.

Just be careful, management have eyes and ears everywhere and of curse there are the cowards that take delight in grassing somebody up.
I think any body who using his real identity is asking for problems but it works both ways as the craps company's hire you and don't pay you for months if at all . I just had to wait 5 months to get my money If I see any body asking about these company's I will tell them my experience and the same goes for Agency's .

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inner state ,,, sorry to hear what happened to your mate ,,, its outrageous ..i have posted here in the past warning people that agencies and employers actively monitor this site and , other social media ,its best to be discreet but sometime anger and hot blood one hits the send key before thinking ,, I have posted on here and been identified and it caused me trouble with a couple of companies and agencies for speaking the truth ,,,,, thing is, it has not damaged my carreer .... if anything it helped me see who was a real friend and who was a backstabber and made some useful contacts and some frank and open discussions with agents and employers which has led to work .

I think now that chiming off on social media should be the last thing , get your grievances with comapnies , individuals etc in private and if that fails and no decent solution then by all means Name and Shame ...
Some people think it's their god given right to say anything they want just because it's 'online' or they can hide behind a nick name.

If you want to post something on line think first, would you shout out the same thing in a busy room full of your friends, family and work colleagues?

Posting online gets out quicker than if you took out a full page spread in a paper. And it is also there forever (even if deleted later there is quite often a cached copy somewhere or someone may have cut and pasted or shared)
If everybody spoke the truth it would not be a problem. Trouble is the jelly fish in the industry who are crap at the job and so scared of being found out will never support the truth. Double standards are prevalent .
You should, try it from this side of the fence! Wink

Since we first started in 2000, we've (ROvworld admin) been contacted a few times because 'truth' (fact) has been posted on this site about the wrong doings of a given company.

Legal action has been threatened from companies in Australia, UK and USA. Nastily worded letters and emails received. In all cases we pretty much stuck to our guns to keep the content live when it was relevant. There are issues when naming individuals, but other than that I feel companies are fair game if they have erred in their ways.

Those that did complain were politely invited to respond online to address any issues they felt were untrue. That rarely happened for obvious reasons.

Have a trawl/search through this site... the data goes back to 2003 and you'll find some gems. Smile

Anyway... getting 'fired' for stating the truth is not the end of the world is it? I've been freelance since I started offshore .... at the end of every job I technically revert to unemployed status. (with the exception of being employed by my own Ltd co that is).
James Mc
Site Admin

Shocked Search First - Ask questions later Thumb Up
At least you have the experience to do this James , and quite right too ! Very Happy
It's the Guys with hardly any experience that go freelance ( Because they were sacked for justifiable reasons or not ) and 'wing it' that causes problems in the ranks ! :/ ............... They 'Wing it ' so long ....... they then think they know what they are doing ! Shocked
Put ya brain in gear before ye open thy gob !

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