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We are in need of an ROV Supervisor to work in China starting end of July for a 60 day job.

The candidate must have extensive experience in running a Schilling HD and UHD ROV. Client prefers Americans or British under 45 years old.

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Yes I know how you feel and I used to work for All-Seas in China for COOEC but like you say now your told " Sorry To Old " Thats when the ladys in the office would talk to me now days the only person to talk to me is the MD .

This is so silly if a person is found to be found to be medically fit at one of the authorised doctors he is issued with a OGUK medical .

Its funny the trainees cant find work because they don't have the experience and the people that do have the experience are told sorry your to old .

No wonder they cant find any body , Now is this just all Seas or did you check the other agency's in China ?

I thought the COOEC rule was Max Age was 60 to work offshore .


Seen this with both Egyptian and Chinese companies. The Egyptian company restriction didn't apply to contractors just local staff guys. The Chinese company stipulated a max age after two elderly contractors refused/ couldn't climb on a plough.

I too have worked for COOEC and a number of other companies. To be honest, there appears to be a minority of older guys who like to stand around talking shite, smoking and doing little else leaving all the work including flying to others. Usually contractors with no idea who shouldn't even be offshore.

I sympathise with companies who get guys like this from agencies, they expect experience, knowledge, ability and get none. This isn't good for the like of COOEC who have many Chinese trainees who want to learn from contractors.

Usually, if you have a good reputation, you shouldn't have problems working with companies even if you are older than their stipulated age group. If All Sea stop all contractors over 45 they would have no one left.

Stay safe

Another spin on this is that All Sea like to keep good guys but older experienced guys are usually in such high demand they never commit to one client.

Also, older experienced guys are wise on rates and command good remuneration but All Sea aren't the best payers. Perhaps they find <45's more accepting of <$900/d

Be interesting to hear from companies with restrictions as to their reasoning.


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