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Just a quick poll chaps.

What do you think of a company that uses a 12 hour flex shift.....and asks the 2 man ROV crew to do a 21 hour shift.....14 hours flying time...and not knowing when they are going to be woken again to be used...fair play???

Interested in anybody's thoughts on this as the company will continue to do this as standard practice...would IMCA allow this.

This is not a post by a disgruntled employee by the way....just gathering opinions...thanks Wink
If having an accident or loss of Sub, it might start to matter.

Insurance would look to find a way out of their obligation and might be delighted hearing of these circumstances.
Isn't this a bit of a loaded question, you know the answer.

Check to see what the procedures say, especially for their insurance as you will find the rov insurance will specify a maximum number of flying hours for a pilot in a 24 hr period (normally no more than 6).

Nothing at all to do with IMCA - IMCA are a trade organisation, this is Health & Safety. Raise a STOP card, call a TOFS (Time Out For Safety).
How is this a loaded question Ray?? Was seeking opinions on this question. Understand this is not an IMCA matter now....but surprised they would not have an opinion on this.

225.... Not a rig job.....standard DSV work.....client never has a good work scope/plan....and the office just turns the other cheek when asked by the crew.

Thanks to all for advice and opinions
If 24 hour cover is required and known about in advance surely 2x 2 man teams are required for safety.

Of course most clients will try and go for the cheaper option if companies allow it to happen. If they do choose the cheaper option the ROV company should stand by their employees and keep safety paramount, providing 12 hours per day.

Just one ex A sleep deprived or overworked employee operating a crane/winch/aframe with a heavy/£million rov on it. Not good for anyone where safety is concerned.

TOFS was the answer i was looking for.

Just my 2p.

Edit: its a loaded question because everyone knows it shouldn't occur!
Looking for a ROV PT? Right here!
Many thanks 82.

Yes totally agree with you there. Company and client just thinks that when the 2 man team who work from 6-6 and may do nothing during their shift, that they can automatically wake them up at any hour to do a task that they have not done any forward planning. If they gets it in the neck...and guys get threatened with the push. A no win just looks at the DPR and may think that the ROV has not done much off deck time....but the lads are and Still have to be on shift for those 12 hours.

This is not a gripe post...and again was just seeking an opinion
It's not right, we all know that, but if this is happening, then you need to look after yourself and your team.

Because, if, the unfortunate were to happen, then YOU (assuming you are the responsible party) will be reamed and you wont have a leg to stand on, in the dock if you may have allowed this situation to occur.

I have done it more times than I care to remember, because I thought I was doing the right thing...'for the good of the job', 'get the job done', feeling guilty if I had been on Facebook and dreaming on Pistonheads for 12 hours, looking on Ebay at things that would not normally interest me at home.... but hey, get over it, some shifts/hitches you get lucky, some you don't.
Make the most of it.

IMO I would initially air your concerns with the office in writing, if no go then stop. Only wen the ROV is sat on the deck for a few hours on DT when it could be working, will people possibly listen.
Get a copy of your comapny work contract.

Also you need to work WITH your client. Explain the situation and your concerns.

Lastly, if this doesn't work maybe follow it up with a written Client indemnity document temporarily passing your responsibilities to them if fatigued people must work outside of their companies contractual obligations.


If that doesn't work, then try the Samaritans Wink
I was on the kettle!

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