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Been offshore ROV for 7 years now and paying my tax like a good little boy in the UK. I run a LTD company, agency work, all over.

Now my tax bill is due this year and I am sick of shelling out 10k plus each year. If I cut all ties with the UK, property not in my name, no bank account etc and move over to Portugal, spend 183 days out of Portugal and less than 90 days in the UK, will I be tax free?

I've searched on here and the net but been unable to get a straight answer to my situation.

I'd much appreciate any advice. Thinking of the Algarve area (central)
If you cut ties with the UK completely in the way you suggest then you will be tax-free from a UK perspective as you will become non-UK resident.

If you then become resident in Portugal then you will fall under the Portuguese tax regime. As a seafarer, resident in Portugal, you would not be liable for Portuguese income tax or social contributions as long as you are working aboard Portuguese second register ships.

It is possible to maintain use of your UK LTD company whilst resident in Portugal but you must consider the tax implications of this too.
Kind Regards
Steve White

Your Tax Office Ltd
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