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Does anyone know what sorts of insurance mini-ROV operators typically carry (in the US)? If we were to perform a routine inspection of a water tank for a local municipality, what insurance should we carry? Liability? Working men compensation? Equipment loss? Are there any marine inspection organizations that offer group packages to their members? I've gotten a couple quotes and the prices I'm seeing are pretty steep, any suggestions on how to reduce costs? Thanks in advance.

Generally speaking a 1 million general liability policy for you (or your company) should suffice for most municipalities.

Workmans comp is going to vary from state to state, but if your doing the water tank yourself and your the only employee of your company (an LLC) workmans comp is not generally required. You pay workmans comp through your state anyways, so if your paying it, your covered. When most private companies buy workmans comp coverage, they are usually covering themselves, or getting a better deal on the state provided coverage through a private broker.

The equipment coverage... If you find someone who has reasonable rates let me know. What I mean is, I've looked into getting insurance when I was leasing some gear. For a fairly simple job it was about 10% of the gears worth.... That to me is a bit excessive. If all your looking to do is water tanks, the biggest problem your going to have is getting hung up on a zinc rod, or something else in the tank. With a little bit of practive and training you should be able to avoid getting hung up. What I would recommend is getting together with a dive company and come up with a favorable deal so that if you get stuck and can't extract yourself, they'll come get you out on the cheap, either that or call me and we'll get you out Rolling Eyes

Also Steve Van Meter also has areally good explanation at :

If you have any other questions, please feel fre to ask.

We have many clients who provide ROV inspection services. The limits of insurance can vary depending on your customer's requirements, but as a general rule you will start at $1MM for liability limits. Your typical equipment policy may not cover your equipment once it hits the water. Also, your liability policy may not cover your wet operations such as ROV inspection work.

John W Fisk Company has been offering very competitive rates for ROV, AUV and other waterborne equipment for many years. We can also provide you a quote for workers compensation with a USL&H endorsement, although it may not be required if the water is not navigable.

Let us know if you are still interested in competitive rates and for additional information on lines of coverage go to
I've moved this thread to what was Financial Information and has now been renamed/adapted to become: Financial and Insurance Information

Thanks for your reply. Feel free to add further information on your insurance services in this section.
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In general, you would carry $1MM liability coverage to protect yourself with suits against your company. In addition, you will want to carry equipment coverage to make sure your ROV / AUV is covered against physical damage in the amount equal to the value of the equipment.

Try for a quote.

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