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Hello community,

I''m new on this community and I''m assessing the possibility of changing career. For that I would like some opinions, so if you can help me that would be great.

My name is Eduardo Silva, I’m Portuguese, I’m a MCA Master 200gt and I have experience working and maintaining CTV vessels in survey, dredging and wind farm projects in Europe. I came across the ROV industry during my professional activity and was fascinated by it, and now I’m assessing the possibility of working in that industry.

My question is:
A person with my kind of experience/background plus a ROV pilot course has a chance of being considered for a ROV job?

I know that many ROV workers don''t fancy the ROV courses from what I have investigated, but besides I have some mechanical and electrical knowledge I don''t have any formal studies in those fields, so I wonder if a course could be helpful or give me any plus when trying to enter the industry.

Thank you.
Hi Eduardo nice to see you on the Rovworld web site but your question has been asked by thousands of people before you . The answer to your question is you are wasting your time if you are looking to get into the rov industry .At the moment there are thousands of experienced ROV guys unable to find work and until the price of oil goes up there will be very little requirements and the requirements that do turn up they will only be looking for locals or experienced guys .

Training courses are a waste of money unless they can guarantee you empolyment which they cant plus its not a mandatory requirement that you do on if you have knowledge of electronics or hydraulics the company will put you through one of its in house training programs .

If you want any more info please go to ROV Rookie Corner on this forum .

Good Luck

Thank you for the insight. I will definitely check ROV Rookie Center.

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