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Just seen this on the Web :

Important Notice

The Underwater Centre has ceased trading and is not taking any future bookings whilst we are placed into administration.

If you would like to speak to our Student Advisors regarding a booking already made, then please call 01397 703 786.

Thank you.

Its a pity its not MTCS !
I heard that Technip and Subhuman heaven have taken a stake in it ???

one of their long time ex instructors was on a job with me recently ,, he knew [banned word] all and could not fly an ROV ,, wrecked a lars too ha ha,, MTCS have now offered him a Job ha ha

MTCS backed up by Technip are throwing their weight around getting clients and agents to make everone get theri bullshit compulsery job certification and competency certificates ,,,and renew them every 2 years ,, IMCA are Not happy about it ,,, lots of pissed of blokes with 10,20,30 years experience and competencies are getting hassled
Long time not spoken with you liddelljohn , Yes I can see many of the mainline operators as in the past many of them sent all the trainees to them so I think it will reopen again .

As for MTCS well its all down to how many clients will accept there standards but as we both know its a scam as how on earth can a company like MTCS issue a competency certs when they dont even know or have worked with the person before and please dont tell me its all in the log book as just ask any Superintendents or Supervisors about Log books most of the guys have been signed off flying the Rov when all of time they have just been the winch man or making coffee .

The current or previous employers who have worked with the guy should before should be responsible for signing off any competency cert and not training establishments and it should be for life not every 3 years and cost £300 which is what MTCS is charging .

If any members of this forum requiring a competency please go to your current or previous employer and request one its free .
MTCS will no longer accept competency assessments from employers old or recent ,, they are now insisting that You must do their competency courses !!!!!!!! This is now so stupid
It does not matter what MTCS will or wont accept its down to the paying client and IMCA but no way on this planet are people going to pay out £300 every 3 years when the same competency certs can be issued from the current or previous employers and its free.

How on earth can competency certs be issued from schools or academys when they dont even know the person , At best they have a log book and I dont think the office staff are going check all the enteres in the log book thats even assuming they even have a log book .

Even the HV cert that is issued from MTCS there is no renewal course you must do the whole of the online couse all over again at again £350 and only last for 3 years . I think all the free lance Rov personnel should contact IMCA because this has nothing to do with the competency of personnel its one hell of a scam .
I was informed today by a gentleman who is at the heart of the storm that it is not Technip behind the MTCS competency push for freelancers but SAIPEM who are actually trying to persue it !!!!

he also told me that IMCA cant make Saipem or MTCS see any sense as its all driven by money on one side and HR people with no clue of what really happens at the hard end of the job on the other side .
Sounds like one very large mess to me as at the end of the day people want to know that the people they are hiring are experience they can do this via work references as you know I have been in the game over 45 years now and never had any problems finding work as for SAIPEM its just one rov operator should they have there own competency scheme then thats up to them but I think they will be issuing there own competency cert as I cant see them sending all there paper work to MTCS .

Nothing has come from IMCA stating there are now compulsory requirement and they are the people who set the standards not Technip or SAIPEM so I should let them get on with it But you are right with MTCS its just money as they just rubber stamp your log book at £300 a go as for Technip and SAIPEM they should be able to issue there own competency certs .

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