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Hi Guys,
I'm consider to use small observation ROV like : Ocean modules V8 - Sii, Seabotix LBV300, Eca HYTEC H300 or smaller VideoRay Pro 4, DGT2.. for GVI UWILD, Jacket, Shallow water inspection tasks.
Anybody, who experienced, knowledge above systems please advice.
Thanks to all mems.
If your just looking at doing basic free swimming inspection work offshore I should look at a standard free swimming SeaeyeEye falcon with a small davit its nice and simply to operate with a good track record .

Like you say there other inspection vehicles available like Ocean modules V8 , Seabotix LBV300 and Hytec H300 as far as Micro vehicles go yes there fine for some jobs but a bit limited .In the end its down to past experience and vehicles and how experience the pilot is .
BIG Thanks Raptor.
This is required for basic inspection tasks, take over for divers, low weight portable ...
However, Can anyone know what is the approximately cost of Seaeye Falcon or similar ?
Have a good day all.
There are many free swimming falcons for sale on Deep Search
ERS-294 Seaeye Falcon ROV c/w sonar, camera, hand winch, gripstick, lock latch £60,000

ERS-322 Seaeye Falcon ROV c/w 500m umbilical, sonar, camera, spares, low hours US$90,750

ERS-329 Containerised Seaeye Falcon 10’ container, winch, davit, 350m umb, sonar, spares £82,500

Seaeye Falcon c/w 400m umb, winch, camera, sonar & manip US$85,000

ERS-337 Containerised Seaeye Tiger Free swimmer, spec & photos available £197,000

ERS-368 Seaeye Falcon (FO) ROV 300m rated, 950ft umb, HD camera, gripstick, spares US$90,000

There are many second hand micro systems for sale

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