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Its a commercial reason for Fugro to run these ROV UAE course's and its all about reducing labour costs at the end of the day.

Cheap labour at that maybe some of you should find out how much they are going to pay you over the next years for the lucky ones which get a contract.
Raptor wrote:
We are not talking about a few hundred pounds here, we are talking about £8500 GBP, That's a load of money just to spend for a piece of paper.....

It appears to be a cheaper Work Class course than Fort William's Work Class ROV Operations Course.

It appears to be £20,400 GBP including VAT !! Shocked

Book now before 1st June 2015............... Very Happy
So you spend out your £20400 GBP do this 5 week work class course .

Then what ?

Join the rest of the trainees all chasing for work .

I can think of allot of better ways of spending £20k than a course at Fort William .

I wonder how many people do they get on this £20k course ?
I wonder how may private self paid persons have done this course?

The one for 20,400 GBP

I don't see really what one gets different from 3000 GBP spent at MTCS than paying 20,400 GBP really at the end of the day its the same piece of paper same enrolled on competence scheme as a Pilot Tech 2 and then the companies some which employ you later on then demote trainee's down to PT4 of which IMCA don't even recognize as a position.

Pay 20,400 and you end up with same as someone spending 3,000 GBP!!!
deepseacon wrote:

Pay 20,400 and you end up with same as someone spending 3,000 GBP!!!

And then the person who spent £3000 ends up in the same position as someone who hasn't done a course at all and ends up going on the same course as them again anyway Smile
May be worth just being aware that sure you can pay for the course, and the chances are quite high of employment as they are currently taking on around 85% of their course delegates

(now I'm not sure of the rules here regarding posting pay rate etc so if I'm in breach i apologise and my post can be removed)

upon course completion if your offered a permanent role, your salary with FME is around 14.5k and your day rate is set at 250 AED (Abu-dhabi dirhams) this equates to around £44 per day offshore bonus.

Another thing is.. they're still employing a high number of course pupils but without the offshore work to facilitate such a number of trainees.
Quality post Qartech like it
CYRILO...i am also thinking af doing the rov course from fugro abu dhabi...i am a marine engineer and presently working as a 4th engineer onboard oil tankers...i want to shift my career because i have to do 6 months on and 2 months off...i am really frustrated now ...and i find this course is my only exit..i would really appreciate if u share ur experience about the course wid me..and how many guys are getting job at the end of the course...i am bassically a marine engineer ...i have sent my cv to them and they have given me a postive response....i also have a sailing experience of around 3 years and will it be count as an addition thing for getting a job...please guide me.....thanks
any comments from other guys whether good or bad is also appreciate...
Spend your money more wisely by getting your 3rd Engineers Cert so by working Towards the 2nd Engineers Cert.
Hi kkpaul you have requested feed back regarding doing a Rov course even before the current recession it was very hard to find employment as a Rov Trainee this is all due to the fact that all the training schools and academy's flooded the market .

First of all doing a rov course is not mandatory requirement and unless the training establishment can guarantee you employment your just be joining the other few thousands all waiting and it will be a long wait .

The current price of oil is WTI $52.74 + Brent Crude Oil $58.73 until the price is $70 - $75 USD very little is going to be happening not just for Rov but all service company's . If we are lucky it might pick up next March / April in 2016 .

At the end of the day its your life and money the senior members of this forum can only offer advice .But if I was you I would stick with your current job . Just take your time and go through the archives on this site or check up the Rov sites on Face book and linkedin .

If you have a good engineering back ground , Medical and Survival cert your half way there all you need then is to be in the right place at the right time , Think of it as playing the lottery thousands play and a few win .
Price of oil 13.07.2015.PNG
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Price of oil 13.07.2015.PNG

I wanna learn to lunch an ROV with an aflame!
You could be lucky in finding work as there are definitely " Too many Chiefs and not enough Indians " ...
Hi every one
i read all the topics and get interested to know more about the course dose any body have any new information about it ?

guys did you get complete your course after all ? what happened at the end ? now what are you doing ? are you working with Fugro as a ROV PT ?
Hi all

I will be attending the Fugro ROV Training course in Abu Dhabi this coming October, Firstly could I ask how you guys who have completed the course got on with it and if you have managed to find a place in the Industry?

I am an Ex Royal Navy Marine Engineer and currently employed with years of experience as an Electrical Technician.

Ive currently enrolled on the MTCS Hydraulics course.

Also the city and guilds level 3 in subsea technology which I will have completed before I arrive in the UAE.

I will be on the MTCS part 2 hydraulics course also working towards the certificate of ‘Competence in ROV Hydraulics ‘.

would there be anything else helpful to my self that I can do before I arrive?

any advise will be much appreciated

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