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in order to clear any misconception with regards to IMCA, training etc, I have contacted IMCA and got the following response: (I also got Mr Baldwin's permission to post it.)

"...I have had a look at the postings on this subject and am happy to clarify the situation. IMCA does not and never has accredited any ROV training providers’ course or issued certificates of competency for ROV technicians. It does provide industry guidance for ROV operations and competence frameworks but these are what they say, just guidance, devised by industry stakeholders, who are in the main IMCA members. Therefore the statement which attempts to interpret IMCA’s role in this respect is not quite right – clearly personnel trained in accordance with IMCA guidance will have a qualification which might be more easily recognised by the industry, but every company adapts the framework and guidance to their own needs depending on equipment, task, experience and contractual and everything else. Therefore it is not true to say that only IMCA members produce ‘recognized’ ROV technicians and IMCA does not permit the use of its logo on any ROV training provider certificate – even those of its members...

Chris Baldwin
Technical Adviser"

I do hope that this clarify's any misconceptions about IMCA's role in the industry.

Being a member of the association allows to have a say on guidelines, participate on writing them, get visibility but does not prove anything.

In my opinion, in order for training to be more credible, an unbiased third party should be used for certification. This is why Delta ROV uses MTCS and is also how potential students would be certified.

IMCA guidelines are readily available online and a company does not have to be a member in order to follow them.

I do understand the weight the membership plays in being regarded as a serious operator and how experience from a member company may be taken with more credibility. That said, at present, Delta ROV is not a member but we do see the value in joining when it is deemed appropriate to do so.

Many thanks to all for the valuable input.

By the way, I did get contacted for the banner add so I guess this should close this topic unless anyone else wants to contribute...

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