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2015 marks the launch of a new breed of offshore personnel agency. “ROV, Diver & Survey Talent”, or RDS Talent for short. Be patient, this is a long forum post but well worth the read if you are serious in making your offshore life better in all aspects.

Before you say “Oh no… Not another Agency”, please read on and prepare yourself for a surprise. Why? Because we are wildly different in a positive way compared to the traditional agency you know today. The founders of RDS Talent are all long-term offshore professionals that sadly have observed first hand several wrong turns the last years by the traditional personnel agency.

Let us elaborate on a couple of those wrong turns and explain how RDS Talent will tackle this with a no profit maximization way of thinking that greatly benefits the client and our offshore personnel.

Case 1: The right guy for the job is not necessarily the guy landing the job. Needless to say, this benefits the personnel agency only, and not the client. RDS Talent believes that the client will miss out on some really good talents because of this. In many cases, the CV’s to those talents are never even forwarded to the client because a guy with a bit lower day rate requirements or lower mobilization cost are preferred.

What are RDS Talent’s take on this? Well, we believe that this is a very flawed way of thinking. The client’s interests should always be an agency’s first and only priority with no exceptions. RDS guaranty that when we source for talents for clients, we will forward all CV’s that meets the client’s criteria. Further down come proofs that we put clients and personnel interests first, and not profit maximization. Please read on…

Case 2: Are you tired of “What is your rate agencies”? So are we… This case has similarities with case no 1. Nearly all other agencies will ask you this question either on email or when you speak with them on the phone regarding work. The only purpose of this question is again a tool for other agencies to maximize profit.

So what do us in RDS Talent have to say to this?... We guaranty that you will never hear us ask you that question when working with us because we believe the “what is your rate” question again results in an unwanted prioritizing of CV’s being forward to the client.

We are almost there… the proof of why we started with “This Changes Everything”. Keep on reading. Just one more case…

Case 3. Uplift for certain work locations. All offshore personnel that have worked in Norwegian waters are familiar with the high Norwegian tax rate. To solve for this, offshore personnel have been paid an uplift in form of either a fixed extra rate on top, or a percentage extra to your day rate. This is nothing new. However, many of us feel there is a constant struggle with other agencies to receive this uplift, and to receive the whole uplift offered to the agency. Consider this example. Your vessel suddenly got re-routed to Norwegian sector for some add-on work. You wait a couple of days, but hear nothing from your agency. When you confront them, they acknowledge that you will receive an uplift, and offer you say 20%. You are still not happy with it and manage to push it up to 25%. Well, ok, you end up accepting it trusting that this is what the agency is being paid by the client. Later you find out that the client actually paid your agency 35% and pocketed the rest of YOUR uplift…

What is there to say from us in RDS Talent regarding this? We shake our heads in disbelief. It’s just not right! An uplift should be 100% credited to the offshore personnel to cover higher tax, and not be another tool for profit maximization by some agents.

Ok, so here we are. Following is the proof that RDS Talent is not just throwing out empty words. We are so convinced that always putting the client first is the only way to push ahead. Equally important is you as an offshore worker and we want nothing but a 100% trust relationship between us. To achieve that, we are sharing a considerable part of our profit with you as an offshore talent working for us! Yes, you read it right. RDS Talent will boost your day rates on our cost to levels no other agency provide offshore worker with today. When posting jobs, or sourcing for talents in various channels, we will post rates based on going rates and include your part of our profit without asking the “what is your rate” question. You are guarantied to see results on your bank account after a trip or two.

As this forum post has already gotten very long, we will refer you to our website to read even more as the joy does not stop here. There is more…. On our website you will find links with more in-depth information for both the client and offshore talents. Here is a hint: “RDS Loyalty program” and our digital web and smart phone solutions to make your offshore life better.

At the moment RDS Talent is still in a pre launch state and we are working on setting up and office in Bangkok and Norway as well. We will be fully operational within the start of next season. Our software team are still working on the web based solutions and mobile phone apps so registering with us at the moment is still not possible. Once this portal is up running we will let you know so you can start building your digital profile and CV. No messy word or Excel sheets will be used. It's all online and safe. You can still contact us on from the web site if you want.
Sounds interesting. Hope work picks up a bit to give you a go !

Good post. Good luck! Thumb Up
Your website is hacked.
I had an account on RDS Talent... I did manage to find the login page URL and remove all my certificates and personal docs and info from there.. Don't know if it is affected by the hack but better safe than sorry

I got an SSL error (This certificate has expired or is not yet valid.) but manage to login

here is the URL for those of you that had an account on RDS Talent and want
to access their submitted data
This is just an update if you guys that registered an account worry about your data. The corporate website and the user profile system are two different systems and run on different servers. Hackers are interested in publicity and want there info up on sites with most traffic. As someone mention also, our software team are currently working on revamping the TalentXP system and this can result in some SSL errors. These should be resolved shortly.

Also, for you information, the data and userinfo you have at our servers are encrypted with a 512 bit algorithm that most secure sites and banks use today.... Ok, enough tech talk....

What we guaranty is that R.D.S Talent are alive and kicking during these dark times in the industry as we have reduced our footprint and went into "survival mode". All our policies are still the same and we cant wait to prove it to you once the industry picks it self up. We do actually have 3 live requirements at the moment should you feel like working a bit Smile

1. Fiberoptic jointers with UJ & PGU certs
2. OIM with fiber optic cable repair, lay and ploughing experience
3. Deck hands with fiber optic cable and repair experience

The client have informed us that Asians, or people that resides in Asia are preferred.

Let our lead personnel coordinator Mr. Ben Perry know if you are interested at

Our sincere apology if this gave someone a scare.

Best regards
R.D.S Talent
I would say good luck but in the end .............. You are still an agency. Your data base will still be filled out with Non experienced personnel trying to get a job by any means ............ On the sidelines to push if necessary even if it makes a few dollars and not large amounts of profit. It will be a Business and not a non profit charity competing with all the other agencies of which some have been around for the last 25 years with load more contacts and now trusted for one reason or another ..... Mainly the day rate , Paid on time and looked after before during and end of Contract.
The good thing that happens when our industry goes 'Titsup' is that 'ROV schools' and agencies go down the pan when it gets tough and ROV Operators go direct to the Freelancer which means more money in our pockets ......... Not yours ! Very Happy
Put ya brain in gear before ye open thy gob !
I think that if you start treating workers like your clients and not your employees it will definitely work in your favor.

In the end you only get income through them so ask them as little paperwork as possible. If you have a CV format that need filling, fill it yourself. Ensure the contract is to protect the best interest of the worker and keep them informed of their applications even if they haven't gotten selected...

In the end what can RDS talents do for the worker and why should he use you to get work he can get elsewhere...

Choose and screen your candidates instead of aiming for the mass. Show the ones you hire some loyalty instead of getting a new guy hired for 10$ less. Etc etc.

Sounds like you are on the right track though. Good luck.
Well, as the original message was 15 months ago and their website still has

As RDS Talent is still in a pre launch state, certain functionality like the Login / Register, Vacancies etc are not yet operational. Our software team are working on getting all our web and smartphone applications up before the 2015 high season...

I would suspect that they are either rushed off their feet or have been unable to find any work for the talented pool of people. If you have jobs available, why aren't they on your website.

Why does your website not have full contact details including an actual physical address, rather than a form to fill in for info. It's stuff like that that makes people suspicious and not trust companies and agencies.

It would appear the website is based in Dublin, Ireland, the company appears to be based in Bangkok, Thailand, Ben Perry CertRP
Business Development Manager / Senior Recruitment Consultant at RDS Talent Co. Ltd used to work at Subserve Pro as a recruiter.

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So ................ In a Nut shell , Just another Agency with dubious addresses and suspect payment bank base ! Shocked
Put ya brain in gear before ye open thy gob !

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