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I'm very interested in working with a ROV.

I'm very aware that those "ROV academy" are a joke and no one take it seriously.

So I really want to try gain some experience before I try to apply for such job.

Will experience in agriculture mechanic (which include diesel engine and hydraulic/pneumatic) help? I also have experience with working with small engine and cars.

I'm also teaching myself about electricity with Arduio.

Would those help? Or would I have to try find something else?
Lots of people are, however iff you want to succeed, don't expect to be handed a job on a plate - you have to work for it and from what you say, you are heading in the right direction.

Any useful, relevant experience and skills are a pre-requisite. It doesn't matter that yours are land based for the moment.

Be patient and get this experience whilst you can - Don't rush into the ROV field/world and let yourself down...

It's also worthy of note, that whilst the industry is a little subdued, your chances of landing an ROV job are pretty remote TBH.
I was on the kettle!
Thanks for the reply. Yeah I am expecting a huge fight up ahead. So that's why I'm trying to make sure I pick a field to study that I'd at least enjoy working in if I cannot get into ROV.

I know that they like to hire mechanics with experience in hydraulic. I like to work on engines, especially big one. So that's how I decided to go into heavy equipment field. ROV is just a big dream of mine.

As for electricity... Would teaching myself be useful? I can't seems to find any class beside construction electrician. So... any help with that would be great.

Will building my own ROV be helpful?
In my opinion building your own will not help.

Employers want to employ people who can maintain and repair the equipment, mechanic may be a start but there are not diesel engines on an ROV. There is a LOT of electrics and electronics.

There are thousands of more than qualified people out there and they are all struggling to get a start.

Any qualifications or training you take, I would recommend it is generic electrical, electronic or hydraulic training and nothing specific to rovs. That way, not only will it count towards getting an ROV job but also to many other industries.
Thanks Ray.

I have considers building my own ROV just for fun. That's when the idea of working on one for real hit me lol.

I will try find generic electricity class or something similar.

Yes I'm aware that ROV aren't diesel. It is just that the program I'm looking at happen to have diesel as part of it along with hydraulic and few other things. So to me, that's a start at least.

Also I'm into all kind of thing related to machines as long as it isn't automobile. So even if I took classes and never got on ROV but work as a mechanic, I'd still be happy Smile

ROV is just a icing on the cake that is a big dream of mine. So I'm definitely gonna keep taking classes just to give myself more skill for various fields and hopefully one day I will be able to work on a ROV.

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