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It appears that Technip are about to reduce all contractor rates by 10%

There are also rumours that other offshore contractors will be doing the same.
There does seem to be an industry wide effort to drive down costs just now?
I did hear about one oil company telling our office they had to find some cost savings...after just opening their new 33 million quid offices!
I wouldn't be suprised to be honest.

The industry's been flooded with non- technical people who've only ever worked through agencies and will accept any rate offered.

Many of these supposed P/T's have never worked for a company due to lack of suitable technical qualifications and therefore never actually learnt the job. Instead they've spent most of their jobs as "the agency bloke" and been put on the winch, done the dive logs and never been trusted to actually do anything or given the resposibility of operating a system on their own.

This goes on for a few years until you get someone with a full CV who has very few flying hours, still knows nothing because they've never been an established member of a crew and who will take whatever's offered by the agency who shouldn't have been in a position to put them offshore in the first place.
Finally someone, who knows it all - after all these years, still a terrible tea. Very Happy Embarassed Idea
Roumungery, don't you just love it!

I heard that there are 5 FRF to the £! Wink
I was on the kettle!

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