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Afternoon Gents,
I have been following the discussion on the new Tax regulations with interest and first off thanks for all the good info that has been posted.
I am just curious really, bearing in mind the independence referendum for Scotland is coming up, if the result is a yes, does any one have an inkling on how this will effect all the Lads on the North Sea boats??
I.E Would Scotland still implement SED? or would you end up in a situation where some of the lads on the boat were paying tax to the Scottish government (unable to re-claim), where as the lads paying to the UK government would get their tax back..
Any thoughts or ideas appreciated
I'll wait until the results on the referendum are in before debating such stuff in too much detail.

I will go as far as to say that SED is for British Seafarers. If Scotland goes it alone then they would have to consider whether they will run a similar scheme for Scottish seafarers.
Very Happy Hmmm , Something that Mr 1st Primeminister will no doubt keep under waras until after he wins his Independence . Then the Scottish people will suffer ! Very Happy
Put ya brain in gear before ye open thy gob !
I'll be mainly working through Scotland if they do get their independence...Good on 'em!
I was on the kettle!
As they say on QI - nobody knows

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