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Horizon survey have done it again !!!!!!

they lost a free flying Cougar 2 days ago off AbuDhabii ,,,,according to radio traffic its floated off somewhere due to a cockup and a search is underway ......
Pls tell us more at least we can learn something from all this
Yes Piper ,, we are trying to get all the details ,what we do know now is that it was not the free flyer (they had an incident with that one 2 weeks ago ???) , they have the TMS but lost the ROV ,
It's becoming more and more frequent.

I know of two other large companies that have 'lost' one each, this year.
They were recoved successfully though.

Is it the personnel calibre or just a worldwide batch of dodgy umbilicals Question

Think we need to start Lost property register Rolling Eyes
I was on the kettle!
I think its a bit of both....

I know of 2 systems (Seaeye) that have had new umbilicals due to 'knuckling' of the conductors on the original umbilicals the system came with.

Unfortunately it hasnt helped matters for the poor crew as every other week they are having to do reterms. The subsea jobs are easy and the piloting is good, its just the umbilicals are poor quality (ie. sh*t). They were both bought around 2011/2012 so if anyone else knows of umbilcals & systems of the same age with the same problems, we might be able to pin the tail on the donkey so to speak!!

On the other hand There are loads of sh*t flyers out there who have moved up to supervisor who are causing reterms because they dont know or havent been taught the basics of how to fly, and dont know how to take suggestions on how to do the job better if they dont know.
"Keep it in view or it'll look wanky on the video!!"
The Horizon cougar was lost on a platform survey . they wrapped it round a riser several times and the tether parted , its lying on the seabed and they are arranging recovery ,,, thats from our client rep in Dubai,,

Des i hear what you say about tethers , our company is concerned about wear on seaeye tethers in the gulf and giving us strict instructions about where and when to go inside jackets ,,,,as far as i am concerned , minor cuts and scratches are all part of normal wear and tear ,,
Heard it was sucessfully recovered, as they tied the cut umbillical to the platform. Seem like the casue was nylon drift nets caught on the platform getting into thrusters and disabling the sub.

Intersting info about the umbillical experiences though.

Will update if I find out more good to share information.

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