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In the recent FSSL thread someone decided that it might be funny to create a spoof account clearly aimed at a certain forum member and an employee of FSSL.
They then posted under that account adding various snide (Slanderous) remarks aimed at that person.
This is not a boat offshore, but a forum in the public domain. Keep the childish stuff on the boats and all will be well, if not there may be legal repercussions.

Also, this type of behaviour is clearly in contravention of forum rules.

By all means discuss companies but not individuals.
When you lower yourself to taking a stab at forum members the post, or thread, will be deleted as will the offending account. Next time there will be a block imposed on the IP address that was posted from. This might affect a lot of people on one boat but it will have to be done.

Those of you that think you are posting anonymously offshore might want to think again.

Heres how it works.
Most offshore companies have their own dedicated (fixed) IP address range. Each vessel has an IP range within the company IP range. Each PC on the vessel network has an assigned IP address. IT (back onshore) can easily trace which PC accessed which website at any time. This will link the IP address of the PC to the time of the post and you have your culprit!

On another forum I ran, as webmaster, I tracked the IP address of an offending member to just one computer at a company. The company was informed. They carried out their own investigation and fired the person concerned. They did consider police action at the time as the poster clearly defamed someones character which would have been deemed as slander, a chargeable offence under UK law.

What may seem funny, to a couple of techs on night shift sat in an FSSL ROV shack, might not seem so funny when the OVM steps in and starts asking that team to pack their bags as they will be subject to legal proceedings once on the beach.

I will be reporting the offending IP address used to FSSL. What they do with it is up to them, but given the amount of digs at FSSL management being posted on ROVworld one might not expect too much sympathy.
James Mc
Site Admin

Shocked Search First - Ask questions later Thumb Up
So I suppose that people should not post anything concerning Fugro Sub Sea on this website then?

Just a question that should be asked!

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