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It has been suggested that there was a safety orientated project run in 2006 called 'Boots on for Safety'

The information we have, suggests that during the period the project ran, there were approximately 900 interactions between Industry leaders and offshore workers.

Interactions between Offshore workers?
Personally I doubt if any of the consultations filtered down to any of us working on vessels in the marine environment.

I am suggesting that almost all the interactions would likely have been installation (Platform/Rig) based. This would no doubt bring about creation of a Minimum Industry Training standard based on the feedback from installation based operators and offshore installation based workers. Not a lot of good to those working on boats I would have thought.

It appears that the Boots on for Safety Project run in 2006 was the start of gleaning safety related information from offshore operators and workers which has ultimately ended up being presented to the whole of the offshore industry in MIST format.

So the question is... Do any of you, working in the UK offshore sector on vessels during 2006, recollect ever seeing any media, or were you ever briefed/consulted about anything concerning the Boots on for Safety project?

<<------- A new poll has been added to the left hand side of the website. Please vote one way or another.

I will respond to OPITO and Step Change for Safety Safety Manager plus copy IMCA on the results.

Also please feel free to add comments below.....
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To all,

At the risk of sounding like a "broken record", I dare say that the MIST / IMIST scheme appears to be a business venture. Personally, I haven't heard of this scheme.... It seems that we, as an industry, are being lump-summed into a large-bodied safety organization. Perhaps, just perhaps, each facet of the oil & gas industry needs "JOB SPECIFIC" safety training. Most of the job-specific safety training can be seen at the longer established (BOSIET) safety training schools and one can book into the SPECIFIC course as requires.
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What I feel is that the marine side of the offshore Oil & Gas industry has been sidestepped at the consultation/feedback stage. This might account for the results so far on the poll, whereby 23 people have responded and only one of those heard of the 'Boots on for Safety Campaign run in 2006' which some industry pundits have touted as an industry wide consultation. Clearly not so!

If the poll applies to you please add your vote... one or two clicks of the left mouse button will hardly burn you out for the day Wink

As per usual all votes are anonymous.

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