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Hi all,

A friend of mine is looking to get a bona fide seamans book that can be used throughout the (entire) globe and lives in Perth, WA. He did stipulate that a Panamanian Seaman's book or an Aus book are not what he's after. I believe in an earlier post someone mentioned something about a NZ book... Anybody got a clue as to what to do and where?
I got your economic downturn right here!!!
Hi Scott,

I got mine through the Isle of Man. A really fast efficient sevice and only 25 quid.

Not sure what the criteria are regarding obtaining one are though- whether it is dependant on having a UK passport (I presume any Euro Passport will count now) or only on being on board an IOM vessel.

The authority will hekp I am sure.
I've got my nz seamans book very easy to get if he is an auzze shouldn t be hard, just google seamans book new zealand. sonsub was making there staff get Panamanian Seaman's book a few months ago. new zealand one wouldnt cut the mustard?
Thx for the replies...

My mates main point was a Seaman's book that could be used internationally AND in Oz waters.
I got your economic downturn right here!!!
G'day Smile

To get a Seaman's Book in Australian especially Perth Western Australia go to the Department for Planning and Infrastructure and go to the Marine section. It is located at 1 Essex St in Fremantle. Take photo Id, a passport photo and a grand sum of $11.00 AUD takes about 10 minutes and you are then a proud owner of a Record of Commercial Sea Service Book (same as a Seaman's Book). Seems to be very good especially in the Middle East.
Hope this helps, and cost way less than some other places... Laughing Laughing

One day at a time Mate one day at a time.
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£90 will get you one from the Marine office in Aberdeen. Only problem is you need a UK NI number it has to be a uk registered ship and you need to provide the ships IMO number as well. Laughing

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