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Hi Chewy,

As an Ops Manager hiring guys, I can tell you right now, anyone without a skill, electronic, electric, hydraulic, mechanical, but with a ROV "qualification" from an ROV school won't even get a look in the door. I want and need skilled personnel, the offshore stuff can be taught to a trainee in a very short period of time, vocational skills like the ones I have listed take much more than three months to learn.

Those with a skill and a ROV qualification are treated with suspicion, if they are any good, why did they need (or feel the need) to do a ROV course??? A couple of hours with Google will give you a very good insight to what most ROV personnel think of courses, (a total waste of time and money), and a long list of ROV companies to send your CV to.

The ROV school qualification indicates to me a lack of motivation and interest in the job, i.e. they heard there was money to be made so did the course believing the claims of the course providers that they would have money falling from the sky the second that they walked out the front door with the ink still wet on their fancy new cert.

I would suggest to anyone who has US$20,000 burning a hole in his or her pocket to enrol in their local technical college/university and spend a year learning a skill that can be applied to real world job as well as the offshore industry. As everyone can see by the current market there is not much call for skilled ROV pilots in any other walk of life but an electrician or mechanic can go and get a job to feed his family till the industry picks up.

And regarding to your post in reply to rov_er, just about every school states minimum requirements but in reality take anyone as the school is a business, without students no money no honey. Don't think that you will survive very long eating only your ethical standards.

Good luck with your venture but I am 99.99% sure that I will never hire anyone who has done your course and is looking for a start in the industry.

Hi ROVSuper,

if you want someone that has not done a course but has a proven record of eating, sleeping, getting on with a bunch of people, keeping the ROV going and getting the job done without killing anyone (including me) then I'm it...'been there done that got the t-shirt'

Me and hundreds of others like me...

Problem is we all keep getting made irrelevant by the next piece of 'paper' needed by some client with friends on the outside running some course

The latest job I was invited to apply for said 'client will only accept two year certs that are less than one year old

I would bet anything that the local 'certs centre' was owned by a relative of the 'chap' stipulating that

The industry needs a 'reset' to get everything back in balance where common sense is 'king'

I've been trainee thru regional manager so I say this with some level of perspective....

In regard to ANY courses ...

'willing seller willing buyer' in my view but I totally and absolutely agree people should invest the money in some general purpose course

I'm looking for work so if you need some' old bastard' that can say 'yes sir' and 'bring the 'tea' please message me

I can make coffee but apparently its not good...
Dear ROVWorld community,

Due to the very poor reception of this program and the poor performance of the industry, the program has been cancelled.

Thank you for all your valuable input which helped clarify our way forward with regards to training.

I hope this closes this topic.

when working in Dubai , abu Dhabi and Qatar i have got the job with my UK and Norway medicals but once there you are then required to get a local medical ,, it thorough and detailed and done correctly they even do a stool and blood test etc ,, but NO one ever passes it 1st time even in perfect health ,, 3 days later you can repeat it pissed up, dying of flu , aids , cancer or the shits or anything going and you will pass ,so long as u passed the 1st medical !!!!!!, its a clever way of some one making a nice big kickback fee on double medicals tests ,,,

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