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Hello guys I am Omax from Nigeria i did an rov pilot tech course and training with MTCS UK since January 2015 and till date i have not been able to find an offshore opportunity in the industry i have great offshore experience and have worked as an Able Seaman offshore with great safety training and experience in Nebosh, Osha and ISO certifications what should i do? really want an rov cadet opportunity to kick start my rov career.
Welcome to Rov World Omax but you should have done more home work regarding employment in the Rov industry before you paid out any money for a course are you aware that doing a Rov course is not mandatory if you have experience in hydraulics or electronics many company's will put you through there own in house training programs .

Even before the current recession in the Oil + Gas Industry there was very few openings for Rov Trainees and these days with the price of oil falling lower its very had if not impossible for experience Rov guys to find work let alone Trainees .

Are you also aware that if after one year of not finding work at your current grade you need to be reassessed again this is in the current MTCS guild lines
With the price of oil dropping to new lows I can see little change within the foreseeable future some say as late as 2018 unless some thing major happens to push the price of oil up again .

There are a few agency's in Nigeria + Ghana you can try :- , , , , , , , , , , ,

All you can do is put your name down and wait but it could be a very long wait . You are now joining the Thousands of others all looking for work in the Rov industry so keep your current job and check back in a few years time . But the school should have made you fully aware that there was very little chance of employment its like buying a car and you have no fuel a total waste of money .
Dash !!!!!!!!!

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