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SEAEYE FALCON ROV Including new brand SeaPrince Tritech Sonar for sale.
In excellent condition ,always well maitained and upgraded
Two Umbilical's & Full Spares parts
System is ready to work.

If seriously interested please contact for further details :
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2013 (4).jpg

thats a terrible quality photo. Also, why is the serial number of the system blanked out. Which Falcon is it, just so people can check its not stolen/missing from another Company?

Dear Ray time we will hire a professional photografer Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy

We're intentionally using hotmal just for privacy...All ,serious ,potential buyer can have access to all information regarding Rov (SN,date,spares etc...)only send an email to above address
This system has been used very low ...not more than 100 hours
Well it does look rather unprofessional. Its not exactly a $10 item you are trying to sell.

And why do you need privacy to sell a Falcon, why would it be a secret? It makes the deal look very suspicious and it is not unknown for items that have been stolen or taken from employers to be sold on sites such as this.

And we can't be having that Very Happy
Seems to me Ray that the whole picture is deliberately out of focus , Seems strange why hide the number because who ever goes to see the vehicle is going to require proof of owner ship . Since we are talking about anything from £50 - £100 GBP for a second hand Falcon .

If this vehicle is on the level then best put down the number of the vehicle with a better picture showing detail because at the moment it does look a bit strange the way there selling the vehicle , Nudge Nudge Wink Wink Say No More

If you look on Deep Search there are about 6 Falcons for sale all with full history .

As I told you on previous post, on this first step we prefer keep privacy...honestly talking we don t see anything suspicious

Any potential buyer can forward an email to us and we are happy to provide all information

Rov system is stored in our Company workshop...You and all potential buyer are welcome on site to check the System and we can also privide a ownership of System

I guess is not easy to steal 400 kg of equipment

Raptor : I have to change mobile because quality of its camera is very poor

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