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Hello Daniel

Fibre Optic City and Guilds with some testing Cert so you end up with a use full Recognized Certificate.
Thanks for the reply deepseacon,

Ive just seen a C +G Cetified fibre optic technician with specialist in testing course , cover all OTDR etc and is around 5 days. Would this be the most suitable as fibre plus offer a wide range of courses i just thought this one possibly?

The course qualification title is a bit bold considering the limited amount of time you study for
If you mean this one

City & Guilds 3667-02 Units 1, 2 and 3 – Internal & External Fibre Installation & Testing

Try and get an OTDR testing Cert as a standalone Cert.

That is starting place course above and you could build on that as time goes on should you need to.

I would say that's a use full Cert and it keeps in with you being Electrical as well.

The reason I put City and Guilds is just that when and if but also its better to have Certs which are fully recognized and use full as if you needed to at some point it might come in use full for work onshore like today its not so easy to get work offshore in ROV a cert like that with other related certs would help you get work onshore as its a standard Cert for industry here in UK its only the beginning of a series of Course Certs in a career sector.

Now its a lot of money yes and how much can you learn in that time but Fibre & data courses are like that these days there are expensive.

You will learn ROV fibre optics at Fugro and receive some type of cert.

But having Knowledge already and expanding on that only means a better understanding of the subject and having use full certs when and if you need them and not relying on course certs from Rov schools which hundreds have but industry recognized ones to show higher level of competence.

Its not easy to use offshore courses to get work onshore in an area which its business are not offshore.

Fort Williams they do a 2 day course and one day OTDR cost 1188 GBP for 3 days quick look I don't see the Certs they give you
but if its FW one you could say the 2 day course is only any good for ROV companies offshore type work.
Against getting a City Guilds cert you will do ROV Fibre introduction at Fugro in UAE as part of your expensive induction anyway.

I have been to Total Electrical Training and Total Comms Training check this site out for prices and offers
There's also this course on the link attached.
its the same course qualification you would get with Subnet in the PI. Its a little cheaper then the C+G as I wouldn't like to spend to much as with my Fugro Induction, MTCS Hydraulics part 1 and 2 and OPITO Level 3 in Subsea Technology I've already invested a significant amount and if I was successful in securing a trainee position ill be inevitably taking a large pay cut.

I agree the City and Guilds would be well recognised if I choose to look for other positions onshore but I wont be leaving my current employer unless its to start for a company in the ROV Industry. I wouldn't do the course at Fort William as it would be the same training near enough that ill receive with Fugro.

I head up to Fort William next month to take advantage of an ROV Introductory day they do. So will ask if they can offer the OTDR as a stand alone course as I'm keen to do this. Fugro offer the top performing students a 3 year contract but given the current climate with the industry they possibly wont we needing any new trainees so I've also been looking at the ROV Operations course at FW do you have any thought on this whether it will be worthwhile or will it give me a little bit of an edge on other applicants?

thanks for your reply its much appreciated
That Fibre course would give you the same knowledge and is well known in its sector doing that work I just used C&G as that's what I know as a base Qualification.

Paying 12,500 USD for a Fugro ROV 4 week Course which is really 3 and a bit weeks or paying what Fort William 9177 GBP = 13200 USD for 7 week ROV course is charging next month I could say Fort William is a bargain on what you get out of it.

I not going debated should you do it it's just a comparison
You get more value from Fort William just now with there huge discounts.

You possible get more out of there 3 week course for a lot less money than Fugro.
I am sure they would take discounts with a call on there 3 weeks courses.
a 3 week course is 6770 USD at FW against 12500 USD for 3 weeks and a survival at Fugro.

My self I would rather do my own Survival and get what medical I need for where I am going to work if its a requirement to have to complete the course at Fugro then it should be done before going.

Having a Survival put into the 4th week makes the 3 weeks training rather expensive.
On a day for day training you can only learn so much in course time.

I would get a Survival suitable for the region I am going to work in Opito yes but additions can be added on to a basic course.

Then there is MIST for UK based work
Medicals required as well OGUK is the first one to have.
CA-EBS this course might be include now in the UAE Opito course?

Shoulder width required now for work in UK

The Fort William Operations Course don't go there get a JOB and do it at work.

You need a vantage Number for MIST and Ca-ebs & Shoulder Width to be recorded onto you get this after an Opito Course for the 1st time.

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