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Hi all,

Please see below for permanent Staff positions.

ROV Pilot Tech / ROV Senior Pilot Tech / ROV Supervisor
Salary/rate: Please provide your salary expectation
Location: Worldwide
Gemma Calver | Recruitment Specialist

Maris Subsea
Part of the Global Energy Group

Orbis Energy Centre | Wilde Street | Lowestoft |
Suffolk | United Kingdom | NR32 1XH
Dir: +44 (0) 1502 - 509205 | Fax: +44 (0) 1502 563785
This is what I class as a 'fishing' advert.

Basically we need all people everywhere for some amount of pay. Either post a specific job or it will be deleted.
I agree Ray..... phishing more like.

If you have a specific requirement then by all means post, but open ended requests like this benefit no-one IMHO.
James Mc
Site Admin

Shocked Search First - Ask questions later Thumb Up
Every other agency must be fishing then as they all have the same advert!
But it is rather vague? 😏
The problem I have with this add is as being new to the industry trying to get a start as a pilot tech trainee, if we reply stating a rate we run the risk of under valuing our selves and the industry as a whole
I would like to apply for a permanent position but have very little idea what a reasonable rate should be paid and im sure after reading lots of posts there are plenty out there willing to exploit such positions Rolling Eyes
Hi Guys

Its that time of year again when all we seem to get is agency's fishing for Cvs , Had a good one from Subnet the other day they would not even tell me any job details all they wanted was a copy of my current cv my day rate and if I was available ?

But there all very much the same many of the day rate jobs on offer are Fake because I have contacted the company's direct and they have all told me the same thing " This Requirement we had over a year ago " and know nothing about the requirement from the agency ?

As for the staff requirements yes there are allot of staff requirements doing the rounds at the moment . I think Spencer Ogden was dealing with most of the Full Time Staff requirements in Aberdeen and Dubai for Fugro .

But all the main line rov company's are doing the same , The key word now days is Cost ! .
Crews are getting smaller and smaller which means its going to get hard to place trainees . Only just returned from a job with a Sea Eye Panther the size of crew on that job was 2 ! You and the PT . I seem to remember a few years ago we had 2 or 3 P/T per shift .


You are all 100% correct;
It's a half arsed way of agencies all vying for the same positions. Maris (GE), Oceanscan, UKPS (FET), Subservpro, to name but a few; exactly the same cut and paste job adverts.

Also it's a way of populating their databases, and finding out where you have been working, how much you have been earning - this is normal market research/agency practice at this time of year.

Lesser agencies always make up false adverts, to try to get your latest details from you - that's been happening since the birth of 'spotty teenage wannabe millionaire' agencies popping up over the last 5 years or so.

As a trainee, you shouldn't be looking at agencies my man - get yourself directly into a large company to build up your experience and training, Oceaneering perhaps? Research, research and research agin. Thee is enough information in the public domain to find information such as company charge out rates, average day rates etc, etc.
If you are dumb enough to try freelancing as a trainee P/T, then I would give Subservpro a go, best of a bad bunch. I wish you the best of British.
Don't listen to any b.s like, ''Saipem has fixed rates'' That is utter poo, always had been, always will be. Saipem has a serious lack of staff!

I wouldn't bother with Maris (GE), they don't pay expenses as they should, at the time when wages are paid..they will only pay when the client pays, and in this circumstance it's Saipem roles, so don't expect to see them for months after submission.

If you advertise a post, then have the professional courtesy to adverse the rate - period. Rolling Eyes

I was on the kettle!
Anyone up to speed with the industry will know this is for Saipem. Looking at their rates, some of their staff and work locations it is not surprising they are always wanting personnel. Rolling Eyes

Stay safe

every day my inbox is innundated by loads of these fishing expeditions and they repeat them all the time followed a couple of days later by availability requests from same agents its stupid ,, and frankly annoying and vary unproffessional

Saipem cant hold onto staff contract or permy due to poor rates and crap conditions on some vessel and a hopless back office staff who cant organise visas or get payroll and expenses right ,,

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