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T.Boy from your quote :

HMRC has neither the balls nor the resoursces to take on overseas intermediaries....c'mon they can't even sort UK taxation out properly.
They only prey on the weak.

This is exactly the way I have viewed HMRC and the ATO.. They do prey on the weak and they do prey on the honest..I have come across loads of people that live in UK, Oz, NZ and come and go constantly and pay not one cent of tax, and have been doing this for donkeys years..Yes there is always the chance they may get a knock on the door oneday or a letter through the letterbox, but maybe it is worth the risk as the more honest you are with these parasites the more they hammer you...Ive just heard that the new parasitic Govt here in Australia is considering increasing some taxes, oh surprise, if we dont pay enough already...they are theives,tyrants who deserve to be cheated in any way, just dont get caught..Their fear mongering is obsene...and I amongst lots of people Im sure am just about sick to the back teeth with it..and yes if enough people kicked up about it things could possibly change, but that never happens..people now have become too apathetic.
We need to co-operate and filter out Raptors agency list into NON UK agencies or UK agencies that have an offshore juristic entity to deal with non UK expats etc ,

I have just signed a new job contract in Norway , and at least dealing with Noggy tax as a non EU expat is clear and straightforward although negotiating a decent uplift is a pain ,, they are now finding increasingly difficult to get people to work in norway, I will be paying 28% tax at source but obtained a good rate with a 22% uplift and a rate rise after 3 months so not so bad .also got tax managment/ reclaim fees paid for as well in the contract .
If i do more than 130 days in one year I can claim back most of the tax paid under Noggy rules as a non EU expat ,,,

2 UK agencies i spoke to this morning said they could no longer a non UK domicil expat unless i paid UK PAYE ,which is not possible unless I gave up everything I have in far east or used an approved umbrella managment company ,, no more gross payment or even using a Ltd company.

both agencies have given me much work in the past ,,,,but no longer viable to deal with ,, another UK agency has refered me to its Singapore office for future contact and another tol me thay will be opening a no UK back office shortly to get around these difficulties .

So i took a noggy job as its less hassle you know where u stand , conditions and equipment will be good and not as hot as Middle east at this time of year and no 8 week stuck on a boat B/S

In my spare time I will start to compile a list of NON UK ROV agencies
Interesting feedback by liddelljohn

So, it already seems UK based agencies are not overly happy with using non UK based ex-pats in the UKCS. I should add that UK agencies should be OK employing anyone that lives anywhere in the EU, but as most UK companies seem to view the other EU member countries as 'foreign', people might have fun arguing the toss on that one Rolling Eyes

Thanks to Raptor for taking the time to compile agency lists and liddelljohn's offer to work on splitting the lists up. It's good to have a bit of input/self help like that from members Thumb Up

Might even be worth starting a couple of dedicated threads on it under ROV employment discussion. Maybe one called 'UK agencies' and one called 'Non UK agencies' ?
Excellent idea Smile
Maybe one for Scottish people too ! Shocked
I sincerely hope this screws a lot of people down and kicks a few of the Agencies to touch Smile
It will also be better for Experienced ROV GUYS getting a fair wedge and the Foreign Agencies can pay the peanuts ! Very Happy
Put ya brain in gear before ye open thy gob !
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