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well done james Smile.
DavieBhoy wrote:
well done james Smile.

Cheers Thumb Up

Meeting with a representative of the new owners this coming week.

The transition from a user experience should be seamless.
James Mc
Site Admin

Shocked Search First - Ask questions later Thumb Up
This is all great news, i think we all have to thank James for the hours of work and energy he has put into this forum over the years , thanks James
DavidClark wrote:
Can't really compare this site with the ROV group on fB... Exclamation

This is here is more "serious" - that is not meant to sound pretensious; where as the one on fB is too much of the mud.slingin' on the village square type of vibe. Dig?



We've had our fair share of 'mud.slingin' on here over the years Smile

Food for thought though..... was first online in 2000. The first static pages were uploaded when were based in Ao-Nang, Thailand. Yep! The site is 14 years old Smile
We ran with static pages and a separate discussion forum for the first 3 years.
In 2003 ROVworld started using a CMS (Content Management System)
FB was launched in Feb 2004 when ROVworld was 4 years old.
The language of this site is English. No doubt about that.

FB owners could shut down the FB ROV group right off the bat and make it disappear. Sadly the administrator could do nothing about it as they do n ot own the FB ROV group (FB Inc. does) Not anything I would wish on the group administrator, but it is an inherent weakness of using a public site funded by a large corporation.

Needless to say, 14 years down the line the long term survival of has been secured and life will go on as usual, no matter what happens to Facebook Smile

I wonder if I'll be posting on here at the time of ROVworld's 20th birthday? Wink

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