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Just heard the offshore guys are quiting in there droves?

This is from Superintendants to Pilot / techs.
Whats happened as I heard they were a really good company to work for?

I hear it's the office bod's that have turned it pear shape?
Can anyone enlighten us as to whats gone wrong as I see they are looking for people and I dont want to apply if they are bad.
Maybe because the ex MD has moved on & started up with another ROV division elsewhere. Quite a few guys are joining him.
Anybody know what type of contracts are on offer at Hallin Question
There is no exodus, a couple of guys have left but that is the normal turnaround of any company.
Naturally there are certain individuals who love to make a drama out of a crisis, this is completely counteractive. They are probably the same people who bleat on about rates not being good enough however they are unable to join the dots and make the correlation between loyalty-consistancy and reward.
It's OK, last week it was alleged everyone was leaving Fugro. Amazing how 1 or 2 people become an exodus Smile
Thank you Ray. Can this be put to bed then?
I had a similar thought.

Seemingly a few people leaving instantly becomes a 'mass exodus'.
By all accounts (judging by another post in this forum) the same has recently happened at Fugro. If that is truly the case then where are all these people going?

I believe all we are seeing is the normal ebb and flow of the offshore industry.
Just speaking to that guy in the pub the other night and thats four senior office staff, and nearly twenty offshore ROV guys.

When does normal turnaround become lots of people leaving? Thats nearly a third of the offshore guys and from what I hear all senior sub/eng's, Supervisors and above.

Your thoughts please , Reason
The Fugro blokes are probably going to Hallin for a perceived better deal and Hallin blokes are going to Fugro for a perceived better deal and vicversa , .....cos the grass is always greener ?????
Not quite an exodus, but there have been a significant number of departures. MD, Technical Director, Financial Director, Engineering Manager, workshop manager and 15 to 20 offshore ROV personnel in the last 6 months of last year. This includes a superintendent, supervisors and pilot techs.

With respect to offshore workers I would see the resignations as higher than can be accounted for by virtue of regular employee turnaround given the percentage of departures compared to total company offshore workforce.

As for the top dogs leaving, the MD went and the rest followed suit to the same company. Exactly what happened when ROV tech employees left en masse to join Hallin in Aberdeen.
There was no exodus, only a few guys following the former MD out of the door which I guess you'd expect, and the usual departures experienced by all companies. I heard that Hallin are in the midst of a recruitment drive as they've got new vehicles currently in build, and they've increased the rates, started an offshore bonus and travel days have been abolished - sounds good! Anyone heard any more about this?
...oh, but an Exodus it surely has turned into - especially this year. No one can deny that it's frightening how many chaps have left and headed for BRIL, gone agency or direct-dayrating with other companies. This has been from the trainee all the way up to the super Nintendos!
Office hands have been also been resigning.

The question remains as always : why why why is Hallin quiet, yet the ROV industry is desperate for people / systems. (This has been one the main reasons many have quit because they are / have had so little work)

Can anyone out there come up with a reason for this?

maybe Hallin's contract and sales negotiators are crap and cant put a decent costed proposal together ??,or they plan to sell off the ROV division ???
The old Hallin Management team left the company two years ago and as mentioned above, took most of the guys who had followed them from ROVtech, with them to Bibby.

A few others have followed throughout this year but other than that they turnover they have had has been experienced by most companies.

Hallin have had a quiet 2013 in the ad hoc market on the back of their busiest in 2012, however this appears to be down to the legacy of an outdated strategy.

The company has recently been streamlined with the two main offices working together and I'm told 2014 looks promising with longer term IRM projects targeted and further ROV systems being added to their fleet.

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