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If anyone can help I would be most gratefull.

I was born in the UK, UK passport
I have a national insurance number, but do not pay national insurance.
I have a UK bank account, but get paid into my South African bank.
I have a UK address, where bank statements etc go.
I currently work on a Vessel ( the kind you can claim back on)
I work in the North Sea, Norway and dutch sector.
But currently live in South Africa and have done for several years...

I pay UK - Can I claim this back? was hoping expat tax or something of that sort. ??????

If not is there anything that I can do to get it back in the future eg. buy a property in the uk, get paid into my uk bank account.

Any info will be great!
Hi JellyFish,

The only way I can see you getting your tax back would be to either prove that all your earnings will be subject to SA taxation or to work the however many days that the other UK based guys work in order to claim their tax back.

However, I've been out of the UK tax loop for a number of years, so not really too clued up on the whole thing.

Best bet would be contact someone who specialises in this kind of thing.


More info:
Seatax -
YourTaxOffice - (
Gina McLauchlan
Webmistress & Forum Admin
Hello, you may well be able to claim back your UK tax if you are SA resident as a non-UK resident seafarer. Depending on who you work for, you may even be able to claim back and National Insurance deducted.

I would need to see your paperwork before I could advise you further.
Kind Regards
Steve White

Your Tax Office Ltd
+44 (0) 1438 940 944

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