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On average, would you have any regrets about working in this industry?
no regrets at all. if i worked in any other industry, i might have end up in the pokey. Shocked

plus i have made very good friends.
I have no regrets either. I have worked freelance for the last 20 odd years, during which time so called onshore job security has become a laugh during that period as has 'staff' job security. It been an interesting diversion to the real world, whatever that may be defined as in this day and age Wink
James Mc
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Shocked Search First - Ask questions later Thumb Up
Would I rather work a 9-5 or have the chance to travel the world and play around with a big toy. Mmmmm let me think.
The people you meet the places you go the friends you make the drinking sessions you have when along side, yeh we all do it. Wont change my job for any other.
Come on guys who could honestly say they have any regrets doing this job.

I'm having a great time in the Baltic even though it's -30 and we spend most of our time waiting for the ice to clear and hoping we don't have to call for help when we get stuck. You don't get that doing a 9-5.
No regrets ......well a few but they are regrets of not having thumped a few characters who needed remedial treatment.

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