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Anyone got any info on a Yorkshire based company working off the coast of Spain using a modified Triton sub to recover copper from a sunken vessel? I've heard Fugro used to be on this job? Looking for any info on conditions, facilities, what the companies/ personnel involved are like to work for etc etc

K2 - can you please pm me details. Do you think it might be a resurgence of anyone associated with subsea resources......
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Vessel is the Deepwater and the client is Retech Marine. I've seen some info on Tinterweb but wondered if anyone who's actually been out there could give me some insider info.

Subsea Resources debacle ended with all the assets going to Global Marine, from what I heard. Every now and then someone has a go at trying to do the same. The only folks I know who have done this work very well in the past were Bluewater Recoveries...... But I've no idea about who is working on this job.
That job has been going on for ages it was announced initially in 2005 as a concept
When Fugro were on the job it was a subcontract down from TS Marine.

Basically it is about three hours out from Vigo in around 1200m of water.

If it is still the same set up there are two rov systems one monitors the grapple going in and out of the shiphold the other has a big workpack on it which opens and closes the grab.

The copper is then dumped into big skips sat in the hold of the vessel and when full the grab is disconnected and the skip is lifted up and dumped on the deck.

It was quite an interesting job certainly something different. It was subsea resources baby that is for sure as John Kingsford was onboard the vessel for most of the time.
If it is still ongoing the success must low on this project. Shocked

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