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This section offers Agencies an opportunity to advertise their ROV personnel requirements, plus give regular Forum members a chance to find work.

We have added these guidelines because, in the past, we have seen this section being disrupted by members hijacking threads which has proven to be counter-productive.
This is also the reason threads are locked as soon as they are viewed by a site admin.

AGENCIES should provide:
  • Company name and contact persons name/email address plus a website address where full company information, including phone numbers, can be found.
    (The simplest way to do this is edit your signature file under Your Account)


    Your Name
    Your Company
    Contact email:
    Contact Telephone (with country code in +44 1234 567 888 format)

  • As much job information as possible to include (but not limited to):

    Location of project
    Position available
    Type of ROV System
    Job Duration
    Experience Required

  • Note: All job listings will be locked by admin so members cannot reply and ask questions, which is why you must provide contact information such as email, phone number etc.

  • Should respond to the job on offer by PM or email. Do not reply to a post (you'll probably not receive a response anyway).
  • Should not reply to a post or start a debate in this section about the merits of a certain agency or job on offer.
  • Wishing to discuss an agency or a certain job being advertised should do so by starting another thread in the Employment Discussion section.

  • All job listings (posts) will be reviewed when spotted by an admin. At that point the guidelines above will be applied.
  • All posts meeting the guidelines will be locked by admin.
  • Posts should not just be a general ask for people, they should be as job specific as possible.
  • In an effort to keep this section as functional as possible any posts that fall out-with the guidelines may be deleted without notice.
  • Replies may be deleted without notice.
Further to the above posted guidelines

Multiple Vacancies?
Please compile them into one post where possible.
It is not good forum etiquette to blast the forum with multiple posts from one member.

Trawling for CV's
Posts that appear to be trawling for CV's with generic content such as...

We have lots of upcoming work, please send us your CV

....are likely to be deleted immediately by a moderator.
James Mc
Site Admin

Shocked Search First - Ask questions later Thumb Up

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