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How many people have went through Oceaneering training?
I attended training in Aberdeen
 4%  [ 1 ]
I attended training in the USA
 45%  [ 10 ]
I attended training somewhere else
 50%  [ 11 ]
Total Votes : 22

Well the time has finally come

I am heading off to Aberdeen on Jan 6 to commence my 9 weeks (wow 9 weeks kinda seems like a long time) of oceaneering ROV training.

I would like to hear of any experiences good or bad regarding there training and or anything else.

Not sure what to expect and or what to prepare for.

Not sure of what questions to ask before I go or anything like that.

Anyhow just lookin for any insight, because I am sure someone on here must have went through it before.
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- Henry Ford (1863-1947)
Enjoy Aberdeen, its Winter, take a BIG jumper!

Oh hang on your from Canada, youll be used to cold and miserable Smile

OK, start taking Milk Thistle to help your liver cope with drinking copius pints of beer. 9 weeks, sheesh.

Find your way down to the harbour to the Crown & Anchor pub - the offshore local pub. Always full of ROV types. Say hello to Val behind the bar Smile

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Hi Black Dog,

That’s an excellent description of starting out as a trainee in the ROV business!
As I was reading it I just sat there nodding my head thinking yes that’s right and remembering my first few trips offshore.
To trainees and people wanting to start in the business read and learn.

Good advice!


RIC Wink
Excellent post black dog, I have recently been put in charge of work site training, and was wondering how to preamble a training evolution, I hope you don't mind if I steal some of your pointers, they say plagarism is the sincerest form of flattery after all. Wink

Not that struck on ray's choice of boozer though. Smile

[/quote] None are so busy as the fool!
Yes excellent tips especially read all the manuals , and come back to them regularly ,as there is a lot to assimilate.Ask questions , do not assume the shift super is aware of your capabilities or lack of , make sure he understands what u are about and also check exactly what he wants in each procedure.
Yep I was on the course last year and to be fair it was quite a good course ,but its now better its more hands on ,as they have a magnum that has been through the wars ie some bright spark cut out one of the main support legs Confused to get out a motor i think ,needless to say Rov is f@*ked as its frame is now like a twisted jimmy ,any way it still shows you the size and various parts of it minus 1 leg ,also think they have updated the notes as they were a bit on the old side and as most of the systems are getting upgraded to the more modern OPAC controll system and getting rid of the tired and rather horrible GESPAC system ,the new CTAG is far better ,simulator great untill you end up with cyber chair and every thing is diffrent from what you have learned on the course and instead of landing up with a sub that ends in an UM you end up with a Triton or SCV which has completly diffrent controlls to the subs with UM on the end ie trims for lats and verts and TOP HAT tms instead of Cages ,it would be good to get the Simulator set up with top hat ,,, but hey you cant have every thing in life you want

Enjoy the course stick in read your 100000000 pages of notes and you will get on fine Smile

Dont read the notes and get pissed up for 9 weeks and its no job in ROV for you
Crying or Very sad
Dose anyone know where i can get a hold of trainning course manuals so i can study up before i attend the course?.
I worked offshore with one of the guys who is now one of Oceaneeing's training people.
I don't think you will learn much from him if he is still there.
Budgie wrote:
Dose anyone know where i can get a hold of trainning course manuals so i can study up before i attend the course?.

When you get your Oceaneering username, youll get access to their website with lots of good training stuff... manuals.. videos.. exams +++
Cheers from a fellow Oceaner Smile
Hmmmmmmmmm Rolling Eyes
Who trained the ROV trainer to be competant to train others Confused
Put ya brain in gear before ye open thy gob !
I did it last year, one of the early groups, i found it hard going as theyb were busy sorting stuff out and getting the structure revised. but the courses are much better now and more hnds on.

lots of stuff condensed into the 9weeks, so you'll be doing revising at night ready for the next day.

Good write up Black Dog, we have had a few SSE`s on our system that have had that training and they have been fine, so the training course seems to be working. On another note my underpants keep smelling of onions, anyone got any tips?
Thanx dog, good insight & info mate.
BEB, out the grocery cupboard china!
Hmmm interesting comment from The Prophet! Which part of the world does said instructor teach?

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