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Please be aware that there are some fake Rov Personnel requirements doing the rounds at the moment so please check who your sending copys of yours certs and cvs to is legit .
This is not the first time this has happen people just change the names over on the certs and add your jobs to there cv and hope that people dont check .

All genuine bona fide companys or agencys should have a proper URL address , Example :- , I dont know any professional company or agency that uses or address . Should the company or agency be legit ask for a business address and landline number Every website should have a business address and a landline for potential customers to get in contact with them . Once this information has been provided then send your Cv + copys of certs .

Should the company or agency provided you with a name you can check it on this URL :-
We are looking for ROV pilot with experience on ROV Work class

Job Responsibilities:
Servicing and maintaining ROV equipment
Mobilizing ROV spreads including preparation of paperwork.
Maintaining system records

Experience within the ROV industry greater than 5 year of experience or experience within another aspect of the industry of more than 3 years, supported by evidence and references.

Send your CV on
Many thanks for confirming that you are Deep Ocean Salvage . Am I am fully aware who you are because the guys in your office told me that the guy who built the grab was on the job and that you were still having problems and seem to be in bits most of the time .

As for working conditions I think its best people are made fully aware of these , Sorry you dont like what I have to saying but I think by now people are aware of your company . As for how many years I have been in this industry sorry but a few more than 40+ and have seen many companys come and go .

Like I have said before if you require experienced personnel pay the right money and people will come , Pay peanuts and your get monkeys , The last thing we want is someone getting injured as we are not talking about a small inspection vehicle but a large work class and a very large remote control cactus grab .

Do us both a favour and when you reply please add a picture of both , Like you have said 99% of people dont stay I wonder why that is . As for me me after what I have been told by previous employees most only did one trip due to unsafe working conditions . People should be fully informed of what there getting into , Oh yes do you still require personnel to pay for there own air ticket to Riga and do you only pay 50% while waiting on weather .and is it still £200 a day
You have said nothing about this on your original requirement .I fully understand that Salvage work is hard going and the pay is not as good as oil + gas but even when I was with Risdon Beazley they did pay your expenses .

Anyway I hope by now any one reading this topic will do there own home work and make there own minds up .
Hi, any Revolution???
Very lightly used, less than 6 hrs total use, complete kit, new grabber never in water. very reasonable price
Available in central Florida, US
[quote:2fcfc5cd3d=\"MacMacleod\"]Videoray Pro4 wanted with tether and software
We have a VideoRay Pro 4 - Ultra base. All are good condition.
Contact me to :
Thank you Smile
How much are you chasing?

for a training purpose looking for a license key and installation files to purchase for a ROVsim BlueROV2.

Other option could be remote cloud access to your virtual machine where simulator is installed.

If you have any other ideas please contact:

Thank you.
Are u still looking for stuff
[quote] how much

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