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ROV NEWS: The NEW Little Benthic Crawler

Posted on 08.05.2006 - 07:45 EDT in ROV NEWS by Rons_ROV_Links

Seabotix - The NEW Little Benthic Crawler "LBC"SeaBotix has recently developed a revolutionary new product that combines the proven technology and performance of the LBV with the ability to attach to virtually any surface in any orientation and drive. The LBC is the result of a bid to develop a portable means to inspect ship hulls. This is only one of many applications as the concept debuts around the world.

When operating an ROV for ship hull inspections, unless conditions are ideal, the task can be challenging.  Current flow can often make maintaining a stable position for accurate object identification difficult.  Add turbid or black water conditions and the difficulty escalates.  Additionally, once an object is located precisely identifying its position on the ship hull has its own challenges.

The concept of creating a crawler that attaches to the ship hull helps to reduce and even eliminate the difficulties encountered.  There are two primary inspection methods for the LBC. 

  • ROV MODE (3D) - the LBC operates as a free flying ROV in ROV MODE. This mode enables the operator to freely inspect the ship hull until an object of interest is located.  If conditions permit the LBC can conduct the visual inspection providing real time video, data and positioning to the operator.
  • CRAWLER MODE (2D) - should conditions hinder the ability to maintain a stable position and accurately acquire the required video and data the LBC can switch to CRAWLER MODE. By switching to CRAWLER MODE the LBC can attach to the ship hull eliminating unstable movement allowing the operator to conduct precise inspections.

By offering both methods the operator can conduct a survey in virtually any condition and more thoroughly. With the ability to attach and detach covering all areas of the ship hull are not a problem. Additionally, the LBC can be deployed from a remote location and flown through the water to the ship hull for inspection.

Where current flow is extremely rapid the LBC can also be manually attached to the ship hull. The LBC has the ability to operate in conditions that far exceed the ability of any ROV.

Beyond the ability to conduct precision ship hull inspections the LBC is a capable ROV that allows for harbor and wharf inspections as well as other ROV related tasks.

Read the full story here.

April 2006


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