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Contract Awards: Hallin Marine to enter Work ROV market equipped with SMDH ROV Systems

Posted on 31.03.2006 - 09:58 EST in CONTRACT AWARDS by Rons_ROV_Links

Hallin Marine to enter Work ROV market equipped with SMDH ROV SystemsA contract has been agreed between Hallin Marine UK and SMD Hydrovision for the supply of four complete work class ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicle) systems for delivery mid 2006.

The initial delivery is for two 2000m rated Quantum construction class ROVs with SMDH designed 12Te Sea state 6 handling systems, winches and long excursion Tether Management Systems (TMSs’).

Following the delivery of the Quantums will be delivery of two 2000m rated Quark compact drill support ROVs complete with SMDH designed 8Te Sea state 6 handling systems, winches and compact TMSs’.

All systems are to be certified for Zone II operation.

This contract sees the launch of two new products which complement the Q-Series line up of ROVs.  The Standard and Compact Tether Management Systems offer many new features for improved tether life and reliability.  The units use the same distributed vehicle control system (DVECS) as all SMDH vehicle systems which is also suitable for retrofit to third party ROV systems.

Hallin chose SMDH not only because the company has many years experience building underwater vehicle systems, but because the Q-Series range of ROVs offer exciting advances in technology which aim to increase ROV performance, versatility and reliability.

March 31, 2006

SMD Hydrauvision

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