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Subsea Telecom News: Global Marine Launches GeoCable V 5.2

Posted on 11.03.2006 - 11:29 EST in SUBSEA TELECOMS NEWS by Rons_ROV_Links

Global Marine Systems Ltd.Global Marine Systems Limited launched version 5.2 of its GeoCable marine engineering software package. GeoCable assists companies with the management of cable route planning, installation and maintenance operations.

Comprising over 1.9 million kmm of cable route data and 3,000 hydrographic charts, version 5.2 enables customers to benefit from bespoke functionality to reflect the needs of their business, such as viewing information based upon a specific geographical focus, seismic activity or dedicated information and statistical analysis on a particular type of subsea cable.

Brian Perratt, Manager of Global Charting Services at Global Marine, said, “With many of the world’s oceans now reaching cable saturation point, GeoCable empowers our customers by providing extensive cable and oceanographic information to allow them to plan and execute cable installation and maintenance in the most efficient and cost effective manner for their business.”

March 10, 2006

Marine Technology Reporter

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