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Tiger 10 Achieves 25000 Hours Divetime

Posted on 24.02.2006 - 03:35 EST in ROV NEWS by ginamc

Rovtech Ltd2 years ago we published a story that our eyeball ROV, Tiger 10, had achieved 18000 hrs dive time on board the Technip ship CSO Alliance.

Well now we are proud to be able to announce that Tiger 10 has passed the 25000 hr dive time mark. That is nearly 3 years in the water – it first mobilised 8 years ago onto the CSO Alliance where it supports Technip’s divers perform IRM work for the CHTKND group (Chevron, Hess, Texaco, Kerr McGee, Nexen and Dana) formerly the THT contract.   (Release Date 22/02/06)

Source: Rovtech Ltd

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