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ROV NEWS: Iter Sells AC ROV To French Ministry Of Defence

Posted on 09.12.2005 - 01:03 EST in ROV NEWS by ginamc

AC-CESS Remotely Operated Vision and SenseAC-CESS’s continued penetration into international defence markets has seen the sale of the first AC-ROV to the French Ministry of the Defence.  Facilitated by their French distributor, Mr David Maillotte of ITER, AC-CESS are very confident that where one AC-ROV goes others will follow.

With a tough demo schedule agreed before hand and the knowledge that other micro ROV manufacturers had given demonstrations and quotes, the AC-ROV surpassed all stated target performance requirements:

Demo Schedule

AC-ROV Characteristic

Transport & Deployment. 1 case/1 man system – all up weight of 18kg,
2 minute speed of deploy.

General Mobility & Thrust

Complete freedom of movement, 4 vectored
& 2 vertical thrusters & various flight assist
Camera capability in extremely
turgid water, various diver equipment
as target.
0.1 Lux low light sensitive camera, 4 fwd
variable LED lights.
Stationary hover capability in calm
& current conditions.
4 vectored & 2 vertical thrusters, flight
freeze, 3-D ‘Spacemouse’ intuitive controller.
Hull & submerged structure lateral
scanning capability.
True lateral movement via 4 horizontal
vectored thrusters + flight freeze.
Close in mobility & ease of control. 5 degrees of freedom, 4 vectored & 2 vertical
thrusters & flight assist functions.
Robustness of design. Modular build, cube shape inherently strong,
no external protrusions.

After the extremely successful demonstration of the AC-ROV at the historic Breast Naval Base, representatives for the French ministry of defence immediately expressed their desire to purchase an AC-ROV plus options.  When asked about the system the ROV savvy group were greatly impressed by the size and portable nature of the system and it amazing mobility and handling – especially the ease of control and power of the lateral sideways movement.  The representatives from the French Navy have asked for another AC-ROV demo to take place at the Toulon Naval Base in 2006  

The Ministry representatives and various French Navy personnel did express shock at one incident that occurred during the demo.  After removing the AC-ROV from the water so some late arrivals could inspect the unit, Mr Callum Magee of AC-CESS re-deployed the ROV by literally ‘throwing’ the unit over the side and back into the water by its tether.  In response to the shocked exclamations at such treatment, Mr Magee simply explained the vehicle was an AC-CESS built ROV.

Source: AC-CESS

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