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Contract Awards: Perry Slingsby Systems to provide a Triton® XLS 150HP system to OSS

Posted on 08.12.2005 - 14:05 EST in CONTRACT AWARDS by Rons_ROV_Links

Perry Slingsby Systems Perry Slingsby Systems to provide a Triton® XLS 150HP system to Onyx Special Services

Perry Slingsby Systems has announced that Onyx Special Services has recently purchased Triton® XLS17. Triton® XLS17 is the first XLS 150HP system utilizing the new optimized high output 15” thrusters. In May 2006 the Triton® XLS17 will be installed onto the recently acquired vessel Kingfisher and will be used for ROV services in the Gulf of Mexico.

Martin Anderson, Managing Director and CEO, Perry Slingsby Systems, commented “We are very pleased to be supporting Onyx Special Services in meeting their ROV fleet expansion needs. The incorporation of the optimized 15” thrusters into the propulsion system of the Triton® XLS, makes full advantage of 150 horsepower available”.

December 8, 2005

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