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Oceaneering’s Deepwater Pile Dredge Wins 2015 OTC Spotlight on New Technology Aw

Posted on 08.05.2015 - 00:00 EDT by DT_Amanda

Oceaneering International, Inc. will be recognized at the 2015 Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) with the presentation of two Spotlight on New Technology Awards.

The Oceaneering Deepwater Pile Dredge (DWPD) was selected based on its innovative technology, broad appeal to the industry, proven capabilities through full-scale application, and significant impact with benefits beyond existing technologies.

As exploration and production move to deeper waters, the ability to dredge at greater depths is crucial. While pile dredges are often run using a topside spread that supplies hydraulic power to the dredge, the DWPD is powered by an electrical umbilical similar to an ROV. Whereas other dredges’ effective depths are greatly limited, the DWPD has no real depth limit.

The DWPD is an electrically-driven subsea hydraulic power unit with mounted pumps that provide water jetting and suction to excavate piles at any depth. The jetting provides a 360° pattern to fluidize soil inside the pile. Meanwhile, the suction pumps remove material such as sand, rock or clay.

This innovative tool is controlled topside from a dedicated control van. The DWPD is guided into a pile by an ROV, which also operates manual valves to control the water jetting. Markings on the dredge are used to ensure proper depth is achieved and that the critical internal features of the pile are successfully cleared of debris.

With the DWPD, equipment and infrastructures can be properly installed. The advanced tool helps support subsea assets by safely and efficiently removing soil and transporting it in a controlled manner to a discharge site.

Oceaneering is one of three companies to receive multiple 2015 Spotlight awards. Aside from the DWPD, Oceaneering will also be recognized with a Spotlight award for its Magna Subsea Inspection System™.

The Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) will take place May 4-7 in Houston, and the 2015 awards will be presented on May 4 in the NRG Center Rotunda Lobby. The Spotlight on New Technology Awards—a program for OTC exhibitors—showcase the latest and most advanced hardware and software technologies that are leading the industry into the future.

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